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10 Qualities That Describe A Jacksonville Cheerleading Team

Jacksonville cheerleading

Jacksonville cheerleading team members are set apart from other athletes because of their unique qualities. Though they like to have fun when they are in the gym or even when they are performing before an audience, cheerleaders are some of the most intensely passionate people in the world. In fact, even some athletes who have tried cheerleading said that it’s one of the most difficult sports they have ever tried.

Being a cheerleader means that you possess these 10 qualities:


Because of the nature of cheerleading (the stunts and the choreography), the girls need a lot of focus because one wrong move can spell disaster. Each routine has to be executed perfectly because a major or even a minor mistake can cost you and the whole team.


In cheerleading, you cannot simply show up and expect to win or perfect the choreography. It takes a lot of practice to become good at cheerleading. One routine would have to be practiced hundreds of times to be perfected.


Who says cheerleading is just all pom-poms? Cheerleading is tough. If you don’t believe us, just try and watch how they practice each stunt. You’ll be surprised at the danger these girls face every day.


You just don’t dance or jump or fly in cheerleading. You have to be spirited while you’re doing all of these. You’ve got to have the right attitude, the winning attitude to get the crowd going.

Physically fit

This is not a form of discrimination, but cheerleaders need to be fit in order for them to do all the stunts they need to. They have to take care of their bodies and see to it that they are strong, healthy, and fit.


If cheerleaders are not determined, we don’t know who are. The end goal of every cheerleader is to win the national competition. They are not here to just look cute or cheer on another sporting team. They want to win and they are working hard every day for that to happen.


There are plenty of highs and lows in cheerleading. Some girls don’t get along well together and others have to leave because of many different things. What’s important is that the girls know the value of teamwork and they work hard to build a rapport among themselves.


 There is no success if cheerleaders don’t overachieve. Instead of settling for a mere jump, cheerleaders want to be thrown up in the air and fall on their two feet with their arms raised and their eyes smiling.


Aside from cheerleading, cheerleaders have other tasks, too, like school work and other extra-curricular activities. They also have to maintain a social life and spend time with their loved ones.


They are not boastful, but Jacksonville cheerleading members take pride in what they can do. They don’t just jump and do cartwheels for fun. They do that because they are good at it.

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