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3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Joining A Jacksonville Cheerleading Team

Are you planning to join a Jacksonville cheerleading squad? Do you think you have what it takes to become a cheerleader and a student at the same time? Can you manage your time both for school, (probably) work, cheerleading, and family?

If you think you have what it takes to be a great cheerleader, find out if you are fit for the sports by asking yourself these three questions:

Can you sacrifice your personal time?

When you are a cheerleader, you don’t simply go home and relax after school. You have to spend time at the gym, doing your stunts, practicing your moves, and perfecting the routine. You cannot relax until all your muscles are sore. You are going to miss out on a lot of date nights.

You are going to be missing your little adventures with your non-cheer friends. You might even miss family dinners because you will have to stay at the gym where there are competitions ahead of you and your team is learning a new routine.

Can you juggle your studies and your cheerleading duties?

Remember that the school will require for you to keep your grades up so you can continue being a cheerleader. If you are going to be so distracted by your Jacksonville cheerleading duties that you forget all about school, that’s not going to work.

You have to keep your academic grades in check before enjoying all the perks that cheering has to offer. The key here is good time management. If you know your priorities, which should be school, you won’t encounter any problem.

What you can do is to set the schedule precisely—go to practice after school, do the homework after dinner, watch television or read a book or spend time with the family before bedtime and finally, have a good night sleep.

Are you prepared to work and lose?

Jacksonville cheerleading is not just about cheering for your school team. It’s also a competition. Every year, there’s a competition that pits cheerleading teams against each other.

It was not made to sow division among schools, but healthy competition is always a great entertainer. Unfortunately, not everyone can win. You won’t always emerge victoriously. Are you willing to do the work and risk losing?

If you are a sore loser, you should seriously check yourself first before joining a cheerleading squad because it might not be healthy for you to see your team win… and then lose sometimes.

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