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3 Signs You Are Too Sick To Attend A Jacksonville Cheerleading Performance

When regular students feel bad, they would be excused from school and they would stay at home and eat whatever they want. They would even have the TV all to themselves and binge watch on Netflix all-day-long. But for Jacksonville cheerleading members, they may not be as fortunate.

Even if they are feeling bad, cheerleaders would want to attend practice for fear of missing out new things they can learn. They wouldn’t especially want to miss out on a competition since they worked hard for it and they would want to show off their skills and talent.

Normally, if you have a cold, you can continue with your cheerleading activities. You just have to make sure that you won’t be sharing a water bottle with anybody or you won’t be sneezing in front of all the girls. Otherwise, you risk spreading the values among your teammates.

Too weak to function

Cheerleaders want to think that they are superwomen; that somehow, they can do everything. The adrenaline pumping through their veins will even make a sprained ankle feel numb. Most athletes can play and work through a small sprain. But it is different once you physically felt you cannot go out to compete. It all starts with a bad appetite or your inability to keep the food down. You’ll most likely feel like the energy has been zapped out of your body. When this happens, we’re pretty sure you cannot jump, fly, or complete your handspring.


Before a competition, cheerleaders usually feel a little bit squeezy because of the nerves. The girls can be too nervous that some of them won’t be able to each or won’t be able to keep anything down. This is normal. What’s not normal is that you feel this way along with feeling nauseated, too. If this is the case, there’s a good chance you will get sick during the performance. It might be better if you sit this one out for the sake of your teammates.


There’s nothing like being contagious to stop yourself from coming to practice. If you have severe flu or cold, your teammates will most likely catch it from you if you keep on engaging and conversing with them. Be a good teammate and just go home and rest. You can always show them your support through a text brigade. There’s no need for you to be there and spread the virus.

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