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3 Times Your Little Cheerleader Will Need You In Jacksonville Cheerleading

When your daughter decides she wants to be a part of a Jacksonville cheerleading squad, know that it will take some time for her to realize that everything will not go her way. She will get her heart broken in so many times and instances and you will be the only one there for her. She will running to you, crying because she failed or made a mistake. Please let her know that you’re going to support her anyway.

Here are three times you can anticipate that your cheerleader will need your shoulder to cry on:

When she gets rejected at tryouts

So, your daughter wants to become a cheerleader and you two have found a tryout team. The problem is, it’s not always a surefire thing that she’s going to get in or that she’s going to get her way easily. She will be required to try out for it and her skills will be evaluated by a panel of coaches and cheerleading members. It’s not always a guarantee that everyone will get in. In fact, even if your daughter is really, really good, the team may not be looking for her. They may not need the skills she exhibited. They won’t be getting her anyway if that’s the case.

When she didn’t get the position she wants

Every cheerleader secretly dreams to be the star of her cheerleading team. If your daughter finally gets into the squad, then give her all your support. It’s mighty hard to be a part of a team and pass through the selection process. Once in the team, however, she may realize that she isn’t getting the position that she wants. She’ll run to you. Explain that through her hardwork and perseverance, she will eventually get to where she wants. Although that’s not always a guarantee, isn’t getting into the squad a big enough blessing? Push her to continue working for her dream, so she might wake up one day with it.

When her team loses in a competition

This might be the hardest for your daughter. She and the team prepared months for the competition, hoping that they will clinch the title. They are expectant even if they deny it. They have sacrificed their time practicing and working out just to make sure they make their schools and families proud. That’s why when they lose in a competition, it is especially hard for cheerleaders to accept it and move on. They have spent time, energy, and money to make their team succeed. Be there for your daughter and allow her to mourn at her own pace.

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