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3 Tips For Coaches During A New Season of Jacksonville Cheeerleading

The new season or the new school year is always a tough time for coaches. Yes, much more than the cheerleaders themselves. Imagine having to toggle with all the fresh dynamics of your Jacksonville cheerleading squad. You have to take in new recruits, welcome back old-timers, re-evaluate each of their skills, upgrade some to a new skill, take on a new competitor (the other team has a different dynamic, too), and many others.

All of these will add to the usual stress—the school admin, the budget (that could’ve been cut), the need for more cheerleaders, the need to let go of some of the girls, etc. The start of the season is not the most fun time for coaches. This is usually when you’ll find coaches moaning in agony because of all the problems that they suddenly have to face. Who knew coaching a cheerleading team can be such a nuisance?

But remember, the new season means there are new opportunities that you can grab. This is a new year for you to change what went wrong the past season. There are new members now and you have to make them feel welcome, first and foremost.

Embrace the new members

It’s always hard to say goodbye to your seasoned cheerleaders but unfortunately, they do have to move on and graduate from school. They have to transfer to the higher school level and leave the team. Each season, coaches welcome new cheerleaders to the squad. It’s not always easy to disrupt the flow of the past season, but this can be done if you assess each individual skills smartly. Make sure that you have a training session during the summer. This way, you can see who should be top tiers, fliers, bases, dancers, etc. With the right encouragement, these kids will surely live up to the expectations.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

The age-old adage is still true. Some members from the past season may have graduated, but this does not mean you should altogether ignore the other old members of your squad. If they are still effective in their respective positions, you should continue using them in such. Don’t disrupt the flow of the squad just because there are new members. Insert the new ones appropriately, but don’t make the old members feel bad about the new ones either.

Reach out to parents

When the season starts, you should realize that there are two new teams in the Jacksonville cheerleading squad. Reach out to the parents of the new and old cheerleaders. As a coach, you should reassure them that you are 100% focused on the roles of their daughters in the team, and that you will continue to harness their skills and their techniques.

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