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4 Accessories That Complete A Jacksonville Cheerleading Uniform

Jacksonville cheerleading

Can you imagine a cheerleader without her uniform? How about a Jacksonville cheerleading uniform without the accessories? A cheerleader is not just about showcasing her skills and her talent. She has to highlight her fashion sense, too. Every cheerleader in every school is like a fashion icon. Everyone follows her move because she looks so cool in her uniform.

Yet, once the competition kicks in, a cheerleader is incomplete without her accessories. Her uniform wouldn’t simply make the cut. It would lack that certain uniqueness we find when cheerleaders are in their full gear.

Here are the four accessories that every Jacksonville cheerleading uniform needs:


What would a cheerleader look like without her shoes? The standard rubber shoes wouldn’t cut it. A cheerleader needs a sturdy and reliable pair of shoes because she will be doing a lot of stunts in them. Cheerleaders always have their signature white shoes with them no matter where they go. Before purchasing, every cheerleader needs to ask herself if she needs shoes for indoors or outdoors or both. There is a shoe to match your every move and every surface you cheer on.


During the entire season, you’ll have one or two uniforms. How do you switch and update your look? Introducing the bodyliner. It can go under the shell top and comes in solid, metallic, or matching colors. It can have a turtleneck or a V-neck style. When you invest in a quality bodyliner, you will have many options on changing the looks of your uniform. If it’s winter, this would also keep you warm enough to wear your gear.


There is only so much you can do with your stunts—you either fly, jump, or tumble. That’s about it. That is why you need the pom-poms to add flair to your cheerleading stunts. Pom-poms come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It can also have a metallic look. Basically, the choices are endless with pom-poms as your accessories. This is a staple of every cheerleading uniform, so you shouldn’t lose track of how to use it with your uniform.


And it should be an ultra large bow on top of your head. The more bows you have, the more unique your whole getup will be. There are a lot of bows to choose from: sequins, funky patterns, cheer saying, glitters, and more. You may also stick to the classic bows we usually find on every cheerleader gear, but that would be too boring and you want to stand out, right?

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