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4 Signs You Are Ready To Join Jacksonville Cheerleading

Jacksonville cheerleading

If you talk to most girls, they either want to be a gymnast or a cheerleader when they were little. That’s pretty normal because cheerleaders are always fun to watch and they look so cool. However, as these girls grow older, they’ll soon realize that it takes hardwork and discipline to actually be a part of a Jacksonville cheerleading team.

When you want to become a cheerleader, you need to prepare yourself for the rigorous training ahead, as well as for the politics within the team, the school, and the industry itself. Here are four signs you’re finally ready to join the team you have been eyeing:

You passed the self-assessment tools

Whether you’re following your own assessment tools or that of your future cheerleading coach, you need to check everything on the list before finally joining a squad. Mostly, the assessment tools would focus on your skills and your abilities on the mat. That is why it’s important to practice every day and to develop skills you know you’d need in this future career.

You are excited

There are a few things that make teenagers excited these days—aside from Facebook scandals and controversies among their peers, of course. If you are constantly excited about training, practicing, and competing, then that’s a good sign. It means you are ready to face the world of cheerleading. Not many girls your age would willingly subject themselves to the rigorous training of cheerleading. So, if you choose that path and you know what you’re getting into, that’s the perfect sign that you’re ready to be a cheerleader.

You can’t stop thinking about it

In fact, you’re kind of obsessed with cheerleading. You are constantly watching the team practice and you are researching about every skill, every routine, every choreography you see. Before you fall asleep, you neither stalk a celebrity on Facebook or idly browse from one website to another. You are stuck in the cheerleading world by reading blog posts about cheerleading and by following popular personalities in the industry.

You have planned ahead

Planning ahead doesn’t just involve getting yourself ready for what lies ahead, training wise. It also means you are financially ready for it and you have the savings to cover the expenses of becoming a cheerleader. It’s actually not enough that you’re just financially ready and capable, you should also have the support of your parents because they will be the ones to shoulder most of the expenses of you becoming part of Jacksonville cheerleading.

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