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4 Things That Can Bond A Jacksonville Cheerleading Group Better During Camp

Although Jacksonville cheerleading always goes to cheer camp to develop their skills, learn new routines, and spend time together with the team, the most understated benefit of attending cheer camp is the bond formed among cheerleaders. Unknown to many, a cheer camp welcomes all cheerleaders from all walks of the cheerleading life—this means that whether you’re a part of an all-star team or your school’s cheerleading team, you are welcome at camp.

That is why you’ll notice many cheerleaders remained friends throughout the years. You’ll also be surprised that a lot of them don’t even belong to the same school or the same team. They simply met at camp and they clicked. So, regardless of what team they are representing, they found a niche and bonded over it.

Here are the top four ways cheerleaders can bond during cheer camp:

Match the facts

All you need are ballpens and strips of papers. All you need to do is to ask the cheerleaders to write down three truths about themselves. They have to fold the paper and put it in a large bowl or hat or whatever you have on hand. Shake it well before allowing other members to pick a piece of paper. They have to read the truths allowed and guess which cheerleader it is referring to. You’ll be surprised as to what cheerleaders put on those papers.

Play the knot game

Have you heard about the knot game before? The concept is simple enough and you don’t even need props for it. All you have to do is to stand in a circle with your teammates. If you are a large group, you can break up into two and have each group compete with the other. Now, as you stand in a circle, reach across the circle with your right hand and grab another’s hand. Everyone should do the same and there should be no pattern to follow. After that, it’s time for the left hand to do its job—grab a person’s hand again. After everyone has a hand to hold, you have to get out of the knot you made out of yourselves. It’s better if there’s another team competing.

Have a game night

There are many different board games available, so we hope you brought one for the girls. You can choose among Twister, Pictionary, Guesstures, and many more. If you don’t have the actual board games, you can do this with pens, papers, and ideas. You can even play charade with just your hands.

Sneak out

There’s certainly fun in going out at night with your teammates, but don’t bother if the location where you’re in is quite dangerous. If it’s not and the whole place is rented, you can take a walk with your friends. Just make sure you’re not going to get into trouble. You can simply hand around at night and share stories.

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