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4 Things You Need To Remember During Jacksonville Cheerleading Camp

During the summer season, what do Jacksonville cheerleading members busy themselves with? They certainly don’t spend all their time watching movies and hanging out in malls. Cheerleaders are required by their coaches and trainers to continue their workout routines, practice choreographies, and attend cheerleading camp.

Cheerleaders are always excited about the prospect of attending summer camp with their fellow cheerleaders. Why not? They get to spend time with their teammates, bond with other members of the team, meet cheerleaders from other squads, and so on. This is the best time for cheerleaders to get to know each other and establish their rapport and boost their teamwork.

Before attending camp, do not forget these four important things:


It’s vital to stay hydrated all throughout your time at camp. Bring a water bottle with you that you can refill, so that you don’t have to use plastic bottles when staying hydrated the whole day. Remember that at camp, you won’t just stay inside the room to listen to lectures or watch cheerleading movies. This is a time to get physical (yes, even if it’s 100 degrees outside). Your camp teachers will ask you to do a lot of physical activities, so make sure water is always with you.


Do you want to get sunburn during your time at camp? This is not the time to get tan lines. You won’t get that when you’re wearing spandex. There’s nothing sexy about having tan all over your arms and legs while being all white underneath. Protect your skin from sun damage by applying a sunscreen with SPF15 or higher. In the coming years, you will thank the time you applied sunscreen on your skin. This will not only keep the wrinkles away, it will also make you look youthful.


It’s hard to stay focused on the task at hand when you’re always with your teammates chit-chatting about everything under the sun. Remember that you are at camp for a purpose—you want to learn new skills and boost the current ones. When learning or practicing jumps and stumbles, you must stay focused at all times because injuries may happen if you are not attentive.

Buddy system

The buddy system works for everyone, not just for cheerleaders. Do not go anywhere alone. When you have to do so, make sure that someone else (a buddy) is with you. Tell your camp counselors or your coaches where you need to be, so they’ll know where to look for you if any incident happens at all.

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