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5 Leadership Skills That Jacksonville Cheerleading Captains Must Have

Becoming a captain of your Jacksonville cheerleading squad is a big deal. But more than the title and the honor of leading your team to the finals, being a captain is a lot about taking responsibilities; sometimes, for things that are beyond your control.

Being a captain is more than just perfecting your routines and your stunts. It’s about being an example to your fellow squad members and being able to lead them to better versions of themselves.


This is very important. As a cheerleader, you will spend an endless amount of time practicing and perfecting your routines.

But as a captain, you will dedicate even more time to teach cheerleaders who are having a hard time with a particular stunt and thinking about new choreography. You will be thinking about cheerleading before, during, and after official practice hours.


You need to be organized as a team leader. You need to memorize the schedule of the practices, as well as other team-related activities. If there are payments that have to be made, that has to be in your planner.

You also have to remind your teammates about practice hours and doing their school work, too. You can buy a planner or have one installed in your phone to keep tabs on every schedule.


Part of being a team captain is taking responsibility for your team. If something fails, you should take the responsibility for it. You need to motivate your squad to work harder and to be better at their duties.

You cannot point the finger and blame your teammates. You need to show your coach that you will set your teammates straight.


Lack of communication alone can cause a team to disintegrate. If there are internal problems that need to be discussed, don’t think twice about opening the floodgate of communication.

You need to be able to speak to your coach and to your teammates and find solutions to your problems as a team. If a team member is falling behind school work, you need to talk to her and find out what problems are she having with school and Jacksonville cheerleading.

Ability to inspire

The Jacksonville cheerleading captain is tasked to keep the squad motivated and confident. Before and after practice, take a few moments to speak to the squad and inspire them with words of wisdom and motivational quotes. Congratulate them on their achievements, too, so they will be more inspired to do better next time.

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