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5 Qualities Of Jacksonville Cheerleading Teams

Jacksonville cheerleading

There are a lot of qualities that endear Jacksonville cheerleading teams to us. They are strong. They can endure an insane amount of pain. They are disciplined and they have good time management.

Cheerleaders are well respected in our community, and deservedly so because they contribute a lot to both the athletic and entertainment components of their schools or neighborhoods. Cheerleaders are discriminated a lot because people think they are really just good for dancing, kicking, and jumping.

What they don’t know is that there are five main cheerleading qualities that would wow their socks off.


Cheerleaders are extremely focused. Unlike in basketball, a missed shot can only cause a point or a championship trophy. When cheerleaders make a mistake, it can cause an injury either to themselves or to their teammates. That is why they won’t allow themselves to make mistakes, even simple ones. All the time they spent in the gym or in practice facilities prepared them to do their best always.


You can’t simply wake up one day and decide to be a cheerleader. You can’t go to a competition and just suddenly know how to kick, jump, flip, and do cartwheels. All of these take a lot of blood, sweat, and sacrifices. There is an actual investment of time when you want to be a cheerleader.


Cheerleaders like pretending that nothing bothers them even though the thought of flying in the air in front of hundreds of people terrify them to the core. They are scared and nervous but they don’t show it to anyone because they love what they do and they have so much respect for it.


When you’re a cheerleader, you don’t just go out and dance. You have to do all of these with the right attitude. Even amid problems, you should be able to perform well and without any excuse. Emotionally, this can cause quite a toll on a cheerleader but you’ll never know because they are always all smiles.


Cheerleaders don’t stop going to the gym just because it’s summer break. They have to keep their bodies in top physical strength in order to fully compete in upcoming Jacksonville cheerleading competitions. They are disciplined enough to know that as cheerleaders, they are responsible to keeping fit and healthy. They are also required to eat a balanced diet, so no junk food and candy for them. If they do eat those, they must burn those calories away immediately.

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