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5 Qualities That Jacksonville Cheerleading Must Possess

It’s sad to say that many still think Jacksonville cheerleading is all about makeup, boys, and bitching about the rest of the team. That’s what Hollywood movies do to you. The truth is, you’ll never find a greater person than a cheerleader who knows how to value her passion for stunts and choreographies, as well as how to remain magnanimous in victory and defeat.

Here are the top five qualities that every cheerleader must have:


If you are not focused, you can cause accidents. Do you know that? Every routine must be perfect because one wrong move can injure you and your partner or flyer. That’s why cheerleaders must always stay in the moment and not think about anything at all while they are performing. They have to be the best at what they do.


Cheerleaders are not born. They are made. They don’t just wake up one day knowing how to do cartwheels and stunts and flips. They learn all of these through hardwork and determination. Who can every say that cheerleaders are sloth and lazy? You don’t learn these things overnight. It means cheerleaders have to get up extra early, go to the gym, and work on their bodies to know all these stunts.


Cheerleading is one of the most dangerous sports and if you’re a cheerleader, you have probably suffered from a broken bone or a fractured finger or toe. A sprained muscle or even a torn ACL are not impossible, too. Cheerleaders willingly put themselves in dangerous situations and they still work hard to become a part of that team. Nothing scares cheerleaders when it comes to doing their stunts and their choreography. They crave the excitement that competing brings.


Cheerleaders don’t just go out there to perform and wow audience, they do it with spirit and with a whole lot of passion. Not many people can say they are passionate about their work or their advocacy. Without passion, cheerleading wouldn’t be as exciting as it is when we watch the girls perform.


Cheerleaders must be at the peak of their physical health to do all the things that cheering requires from them. You cannot call yourself a cheerleader if you are not disciplined enough to take care of your body—to eat right, to exercise, to condition your body. Not only that, cheerleaders must be mentally and emotionally fit, too. After months of practice, it is not too easy to accept that teams lose at competitions.

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