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5 Questions Cheer Parents Need To Ask Jacksonville Cheerleading Coaches

Jacksonville cheerleading

Jacksonville cheerleading coaches can be the most anxious ones in the planet. After all, their kids are going to do dangerous stunts and jumps and dances, so they want to know if they can trust the cheer coaches who’ll stand as second parents to them in the gym.

Joining a cheer team is not only a big commitment to the cheerleaders, but to their parents as well. Before they become comfortable with this choice, though, they have to learn a lot about the coaches and what they plan for their children.

Here are five questions that can sate the anxiousness of cheer parents:

What are the costs to be expected this year?

Unfortunately, joining a cheer team is not possible without its usual expenses. Parents have to shell out for the uniforms, the right cheerleading shoes, accessories, and so much more. There are also cheer camps and clinics they have to attend. In order for you to be ready with the funds, talk with the coaches and ask them what you need to prepare for financially.

What is the schedule?

You have to know beforehand how many practices and what time they are going to be. If you are a working parent, you would have to fit all of these in your schedule. You have to drop your children off and pick them up after practice. There are a lot of things involved in having cheerleaders for kids, but time is the most essential of them all.

What are the safety plans?

You have to make sure that the coaches have safety standards in place. Even if he/she is not accredited in applying first aid, it would be nice to know if the coaches have an option if an accident happens. You will feel more comfortable leaving your child in their hands if you know about their safety plans.

How much parent involvement is needed?

It can be hard to be involved in your kids’ extracurricular activities if you are a working parent. But if you still want to be involved in his/her activities, let the cheerleading coach know that he/she can come to you for help. It’s important that you know how much involvement is required from you because you have to fit this in your schedule.

What is the coaching philosophy?

You want a coach who’s all about winning, yes. But the coach should also be instilling values into the Jacksonville cheerleading members. The coach will act as a second parent to these kids, so it’s important that parents and coaches are on the same page.

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