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5 Things Jacksonville Cheerleading Coaches Can Do To Keep Their Team Motivated

What happens after a team loses in a national competition? Just when the hopes are very high, you’ll see your Jacksonville cheerleading team feeling dejected. Even coaches won’t be able to handle that—no matter how much they say they are ready for any eventuality. Coaches are always in a limbo because they have to keep their squad motivated even during the offseason when they can simply stay at home and bond with their family and friends.

Join a spring invitational

A spring invitational is true to the spirit of competitiveness. Many states hold cheerleading invitationals during the spring season. These competitions allow the various teams to showcase their new routines and skills, as well as revamp or practice their routines before a friendlier audience. This is a good time for them to enjoy cheerleading without being pressured by the thought of competing.

Teach proper cheerleading techniques

The offseason is the best time to teach your cheerleaders new techniques and develop their skills. Because the pressure is much less, cheerleaders are more relaxed and they are more open to criticisms. Work on building their confidence and their skill set. Make sure they follow the guidelines.

Bring in a dance choreographer

If you know a dance choreographer who can teach your girls a new dance routine, then that’s going to be great during the offseason. This is the best time to teach the cheerleaders a new routine because they are more relaxed and they can be inspired by the skills they will see from your guest choreographer. This is a fun distraction from the pressure of having to compete during the cheerleading season.

Allow them to be adventurous

After every cheerleading season, ask the girls what they think you should try together. Most of them would want to try a new technique or advanced skills. The offseason is the best way to make mistakes. If they should learn new techniques, there is a good chance that they’ll sprain an ankle or injure a foot (that’s unfortunate, but it happens all the time). The offseason is best used to cover up these injuries, so that before the actual season starts, the cheerleader/s are back to prime health again.

Strengthen the girls’ bond

Maybe you noticed that the girls are not as close as you would like them? They should bond more together because their lives are literally on each other’s shoulders. The success of a choreography is often associated with how the girls bonded in and out of the Jacksonville cheerleading gym.

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