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5 Tips To Overcome Jacksonville Cheerleading Fear In Trying New Stunts

In order for Jacksonville cheerleading to jump higher, move faster, and land better, they have to have the right physical skills and strength. That comes from working out and following a strict and proper diet. However, it is also normal for cheerleaders to feel fearful of some of the stunts that they have to do, especially if it’s for the very first time. Regardless of how long you have been doing it, there is always some level of fear into trying out a new stunt.

It’s okay to be nervous because that’s only part of being an athlete. In fact, it’s better to be nervous than to be overconfident because nervousness will allow you to be more careful in trying out a new stunt. To overcome your fear, here are some important reminders and tips.

Identify where the fear is coming from

What are you fearful of? What’s in that stunt that you’re so afraid of? You cannot beat the demon unless you know where it is coming from. You need to understand why you are afraid, so you can move on to the next step.

Study the new stunt

Read about the new stunt. Are there many incidents involving it? How do other cheerleaders feel about it? Do they find it easy to execute? When you are afraid or nervous about something, you need to know everything about it, so that you can study how to defeat it. Think about it. We’re also a little bit afraid of coming to class unprepared for an exam, right? However, when we study hard for it, we become more confident of our ability to answer the questions. That helps in overcoming the fear that we have.

Evaluate yourself

What are your strengths? Are you good at landing, flying, and jumping? What skill sets do you have? If you know your weaknesses, you should also know your strengths, so you can maximize all of these to perform better. You will discover a lot of things about yourself when you evaluate what you can do and what you’re afraid to do.

Talk with your coach

Open up to your coach about how you are feeling. Tell him that you’re afraid to do certain things because he may be able to find a way to help you overcome your fears. Your coach is there not only to help develop your cheerleading skills, but to act as a mentor as well. He will guide you to the right direction.

Do it all over again

The only real way to overcome fear is to try and try again. Fear of something can only be lessened if you put a fight against it.

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