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How To Assess Cheerleading Skills

Before becoming a full-fledged cheerleader, you need to go through a series of tryouts and practices. Your Jacksonville cheerleading coach will assess your skills to see if you are fit for the team–if you can be a flyer or a base, for example.

If you want to become great at cheerleading, you need to be able to understand how cheerleading skills are being assessed, too. Coaches have different favorites when it comes to certain skill sets, but here are the basic skills you must master if you want to be a successful cheerleader:

Forward/backward rolls

These are the most basic skills a cheerleading coach will require from you. If you are half as good a cheerleader as you claim to be, you need to be able to do simple forward and backward rolls, as well as front and back walkovers.

Cartwheels and roundoffs

Cartwheels are being done by even those just beginning in aerobics. It’s a big part of cheerleading stunts and there’s no way you could make a Jacksonville cheerleading squad if you don’t know how to do cartwheels and roundoffs.

Single/Series back handsprings

These are skills that are slightly for those in the advanced level of cheerleading because you need a wide space to practice this. You also need a mat that can break your fall just in case you did it badly. Try not to practice this without someone looking out for you because you can seriously injure yourself. If you can do this in rapid succession and in tune with the other cheerleaders, you have a good chance of making it to the team.

Jumps and twisting skills

These are certainly skills you will be able to master once you’re already part of the team. They are nonetheless important during a tryout. A coach wants to know if you have got the basics covered. You can do a couple of jumps and twisting skills just to let the coach knows you are capable of it, but don’t force yourself to do extreme jumps and twisting patterns just to impress the team. These are the types of skills that are honed through practice.

Different skill sets are required for different levels of cheerleading. Cartwheels are not just required for those who want to be fliers. They need to be limber, light and be able to almost defy gravity at will. As for base cheerleaders, their bodies need to be strong enough to withstand the weight of the other cheerleaders.

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