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How To Be A Better Cheerleader?

Jacksonville cheerleading

The Jacksonville cheerleading world is a scary place–lots of angsty teenagers stressing out because of the competition and the need to fit in. Navigating through this world isn’t exactly a walk in the park for anyone. Even the coaching team most of the times find it hard to balance all the aspects of the squad.

But who suffers the most are the members–they who have to study hard (because failing grades means being kicked out from the team) and practice harder while battling the usual teenage drama in school and at home.

To become a better cheerleader, you have to attack the three categories of mental/emotional health, social health and physical health. Since cheerleading isn’t just fun and games, once you’re in the squad, you want to make the best out of it and not get kicked out.

Performance and physicality

Jacksonville cheerleading requires cheerleaders to be physically fit and to be able to perform all their stunts and routines well. They need not only be great physically, they have to be mentally acute as well. To be physically fit to perform the routines, you need to exercise and workout. Take care of your body because your body will take care of the cheerleading performance, too.

Every now and then, have a physical checkup of your body. See to it that there are no strained ligaments or muscles because this may mean a bigger injury in the future. Remember that you cannot perform if you are injured because you are setting up yourself to a big disaster. Always put your health first before the cheerleading stunts you need to do. Be honest to your coaches and teammates if you cannot do a stunt or a flip. You can be suited to other positions in the squad, so there’s no need to receive ire from them.

Workout each day or every chance you get, so your body is ready for the harsh physical realities of cheerleading practice. Exercise your arm and leg motions because you’ll use them a lot and strengthen your core and your leg muscles because you may be needed as a base.

Attitude and appearance

Cheerleaders always look put together, right? They don’t wake up looking like that. They make an effort to look good because doing so makes them more confident and in control of their schedule, work load, etc. Once you are confident of yourself, it is easy to be energetic and positive–two of the things cheerleaders should be oozing with.

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