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How To Become A Good Flyer In Cheerleading

Jacksonville cheerleading

The easiest answer to the question of what’s the most fun and amazing position in Jacksonville cheerleading is the flyer. It receives the biggest cheer and maybe even a standing ovation from the audience. It also ups the ante for the other cheerleading team.

However, not everyone can be a flyer. It takes special skills and a toned body to be in the flyer position of a cheerleading squad. If you want to be a flyer, here’s a short checklist of how to convince your coach you’re up for the job:

Make sure your body is tight

Flyers should be petite, mostly small in height and weigh less than the average person. This will help the base cheerleaders carry her on their shoulders and push her up once she needs to execute her flying skills. If you don’t have a tight body, you can simply fall over the place because you will disrupt the balance of the “pyramid.”

Don’t be afraid of heights

The most important thing for any flyer is to be confident once she’s in the air. She cannot do that if she’s constantly afraid of falling down. Confidence is the key here, as well as your ability not to be afraid of heights. One suggestion is to never look down and instead, focus on something slightly above eye level. This will also keep your chin up, which is important for any cheerleading routine.

Hold your own weight

Don’t be a dead weight. You will make the job of the cheerleaders below you harder if you’re giving them all your weight. Squeeze your body in and hold your own weight. This will keep the balance of the bases. Also, try not to be fidgety on their shoulders, arms, or hands. There’s nothing like a fidgeting cheerleader to cause a routine to break down.

Smile, smile, smile

Even if you’re a bit uncomfortable with what you’re doing, try to give a huge smile for the cheerleaders, the coaches, and the audience. They will instantly feel that something is wrong (even when there’s none) if you’re constantly slouching or giving off a sad expression. Same with clowns, there can never be a sad cheerleader.

Have faith on the cheerleaders below you

To successfully do a stunt, you have to trust your teammates. This is more important when it comes to flyers and their bases. You have trust the people below you because they will be the ones to have your back in case you fall on the mat.

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