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Benefits of Yoga To Jacksonville Cheerleading

Jacksonville cheerleading

Traditionally, yoga is not something that Jacksonville  cheerleading practices because what cheerleaders need is cardio and core strengthening exercises. However, over the years, we have slowly found out the benefits and the advantages of low-intensity workouts like yoga. Plus, as they say, your mind is put better at ease and at peace when you’re doing yoga. For a high-intensity activity like cheerleading, having a clear mind will work wonders.

Increases flexibility

Although the usual exercises at the gym can help you achieve flexibility, too, nothing can maximize your potentials quite like yoga. Yoga poses aren’t just the normal stretches that an athlete does. The main benefit of yoga is that it activates both major and minor muscle groups, most of which will remain dormant for the rest of your life. Once these groups are activated, all those cheerleading stunts will become easier for you.

Boost mental and emotional wellness

When cheerleaders train and compete, they mostly overlook the fact that their mental and emotional wellness need checking up, too. Though cheerleading is fun and full of challenges, cheerleaders can also become overworked and overstressed. Through yoga’s meditative breathing, you can channel your energy from the stresses of everyday life. As you well know, cheerleaders live a very active life. This means that they can lose focus because of too much distractions. Yoga can help cheerleaders focus better on the task at hand. This is important because their routines are dangerous and accidents may happen if they are not in the right state of mind.

Lessens the possibility of injuries

Accidents happen all the time on the cheerleading mat. When a cheerleader loses focus, he/she can cause his/her teammate to fall down. That is why it’s important for cheerleaders to be physically fit, so injuries will be lessened. Though concussion is the number one cheerleading injury, there are plenty of times when ligaments tear or when muscles are strained. Because these ligaments and muscles are activated in yoga, they don’t tear easily when accidents do occur.

Gives more energy

Forget about energy drinks. Yoga is the safest and healthiest way to meditate and gain more energy. Many people walk out of a yoga center or gym feeling refreshed and activated. Athletes who practice yoga find it easier to focus on what they should do. They memorize stunts and dance routines better, and they rarely forget what they’re supposed to do even before a huge crowd.

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