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The Biggest Life Lesson You Will Learn In Cheerleading

Jacksonville cheerleading

Being a member of a Jacksonville cheerleading squad is one of the most fun and life-altering achievements you can have in life. Years and years from now, you will still remember how you became a part of a team that competed in championships and cheered for the school’s best teams. You will remember how each member became a part of your life, and how you were one big family standing up for each other.

But you will also remember the lows—the fights among members, the losses, the drama, the failures, and the goodbyes. There is nothing permanent in this life, least of all your place in a cheerleading squad. Every year, a new face gets introduced. And every year, someone has to leave whether to focus on her studies or to move on to the next phase of her life.

There are many lessons here and there that you will learn from being a part of a cheerleading team. You will learn how to be disciplined—to wake up early in the morning to jog and to train. You will learn how to accept defeat, especially after all the days you enslaved yourself to a new routine. You will learn how to win magnanimously, how to be humble even when you’re at the top.

But most of all, you will learn how important it is to be a team player, how little you are compared to the bigger picture—the team. A cheerleading squad is never about just one person, no matter if you have the biggest star in your cheerleading captain. It is never about the coach—how good he/she is. It is about the team and what makes it work.

There may be times you will feel that your skills are being belittled and your talents unused. You will feel like the team doesn’t need you, and you could do better without it. That is the exact moment when you should realize that there are so many things bigger than yourself, that the Jacksonville cheerleading team is bigger than you could ever be.

That’s the most important lesson you will learn from being a cheerleader. Years and years later, you will take this lesson and apply it on your life. You will become a better employer or employee. You will be a more understanding partner, an even better daughter, and a world-class worker. You will value time, energy, and sacrifice like no other person has because you know, from an early age, what it’s like to lose and to win.

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