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Bonding Activities For Jacksonville Cheerleading This Christmas Season

It’s the holiday season which means that practices are canceled and going to the gym won’t be a daily task from your coach. Jacksonville cheerleading tends to be a little easy on the cheerleaders when the holiday season approaches, as all cheerleading squads should be. This is a time for family and friends, though we should always encourage cheerleaders to spend time with each other outside the gym so they can get to know one another.

Want to know the best places to spend your holiday vacation with your cheer friends? Here are some of our suggestions:

Go to Disney World in Orlando

Nothing more fun than spending your time among your Disney friends, right? Maybe this is a bit of a splurge but if the whole team can handle it, then why not? You’ll remember spending the holiday season in Disney World for life.

This is going to be one of your happy thoughts, the days you go back to when everything seems wrong. You will surely have a blast with your cheer friends and it might even bond you for life!

Attend music festivals

If your squad loves the same kind of music, you can begin to look for music festivals happening around Florida. What’s a greater way to spend this season than to support some local bands? You might even catch your local school band performing in these festivals. What a way to bond, right?

Go to farmers’ markets

Farmers’ markets are always such a dream. They have that community spirit that we are all craving for in towns and cities like Lakeland and Jacksonville.

There’s a sense of camaraderie among the community members and cheerleaders should spend as much time as they can there because this is the same community that supports them during pep rallies and other performances. If your team is up for it, you may even start a fundraising campaign and ask support from people in the farmers’ market.

Volunteer at a shelter

But if there’s one thing that will soothe your soul this season, it’s volunteering your time at a shelter, whether for the homeless or for animals, it’s up to you. The season is all about giving and doing good. Your team will learn a lot by spending time with people less fortunate than you are.

Trust us, you will come out from those shelters forever changed. You will realize how lucky you are with all the opportunities that are coming your way and you’ll never take anything for granted ever again.

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