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Building A Better Bond With Your Child’s Jacksonville Cheerleading Coach

Jacksonville cheerleading coaches love the sport more than everyone else, even the cheerleaders themselves. Year in and year out, they choose to continue coaching young cheerleaders in the hopes of seeing the team succeed and reach even the national championships. However, there are many instances when coaches need to leave a team or transfer to another squad because they couldn’t get along with the parents of the cheerleaders they are coaching.

As a parent, it is within your scope of responsibility to get along well and bond with your child’s coaches. This will be for the well-being of your child, as well as for the success of the whole team. When coaches and parents get along well together, it creates a balance and makes the job easier for everyone.

Stay in your lane

You have to let the coaches do their job. It is not your job to coach the team. What you are is a support system to your child and her teammates. Nobody wants to be told how to do their jobs, coaches included. If you continue to meddle into the cheerleading affairs, you and the coach would never see eye to eye. Let the coaches do their job because they know what the team needs the most. Of course, there are limitations to this kind of freedom. If you think that your child is being harassed, abused, or molested, call the proper authorities for action.

Let your child fight her battles

In the future, your daughter won’t come running to you about a boss who doesn’t want to give her a raise or a co-worker who doesn’t know how to respect women. She will have to fight her own battles. Why not let her start now? If there’s something that she needs to know from the coaches, let her ask the questions. Let her fight her battles. The coaches will appreciate if the cheerleader knows how to stand up for herself, and doesn’t simply run to her parents when the need arises.

Do it for the kids

Some coaches receive no salary at all when they coach a squad. That is why you have to be doubly understanding with them. They do it for the love of the sports and for the welfare of the cheerleaders. You have to get along well with the coach because an unhealthy relationship between you and the coach would stress the kids out.

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