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How to Handle the Aftermath of a Jacksonville Cheerleading Meet

Jacksonville cheerleading competitive meets are always great. You have the opportunity to compete with cheerleading teams from all over the area, which gives you a chance to show off your team’s skills. It also gives you the opportunity to check out and appreciate the other teams’ routines and cheers as well, which is always a good learning experience.

However, if you’ve been to a few cheerleading meets, you’re probably familiar with what happens the day after. Your head and body are heavy, and you just feel so exhausted, and you’re not even sure why. On the day of the cheer meet, you’re all over the place and the adrenaline makes you feel like you can do anything.

The next day, however, you feel like you’ve come down with something. Why is that? Your body is simply recovering from all of the mental and physical strain you went through during the cheer meet. To make it easier on you and your body, here are some tips to help you deal with the aftermath of a Jacksonville cheerleading competition.

Drink plenty of water

Dehydration is one of the worst things that can happen to you during a cheerleading competition. During the competition, it’s important to keep yourself properly hydrated if you want to protect yourself from getting heat stroke.

Drinking plenty of water can also help you keep hydrated which will definitely help keep your stunting sharp and clean. If you don’t keep a consistent water intake during the day of the cheerleading competition, you might experience symptoms of exhaustion and headaches the day after. If you want to avoid this, then keep drinking water.

Protect your eyes

It’s always a good idea to bring a pair of sunglasses with you to a cheerleading competition. Not only is it a good idea to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare, but it can also help prevent headaches that might arise due to a transition from being out in the field to going indoors.

If you know you’re going to be in an area where you have to go indoors and outdoors a lot, bringing sunglasses can minimize the effects you might feel the next day.

Eat healthily

At cheerleading meets, you may notice that most of the food that they sell in the area are usually pretty greasy.

While it might seem like a great idea to treat yourself, you should know that eating greasy, fried food can make you feel sluggish, and can contribute to your feelings of exhaustion the next day. It’s best to eat healthy, even during a Jacksonville cheerleading meet or competition.


Tips for Reaching Your Jacksonville Cheerleading Goals This Year

One thing that you should know about Jacksonville cheerleading athletes is that these are a group of very determined people. Whether they set out to master a particular stunt or increase their stamina, you can be guaranteed that they will do whatever it takes to hit that goal.

For many cheerleaders, as they continue one with their cheerleading careers, they will find themselves setting cheerleading goals for themselves in order to better themselves physically and mentally when it comes to cheerleading.

If you’ve just started setting your own personal cheer goals, it might seem overwhelming to see how much work is in front of your just to achieve your goals, but in the end, it’ll be worth it. To help you out, here are some tips that you can keep in mind to reach your Jacksonville cheerleading goals.

Progress is still progress

Something that you should always keep in mind when you’re working towards your goals is that progress is still progress, no matter how small. It can be discouraging to see your teammates progress so far, while you’re still at the beginning of your journey, but you should always remember that you always have to start somewhere.

As long as you apply yourself, you’ll eventually get to where you need to go. Life isn’t a race, and you working hard to reach your goal shouldn’t be seen as a race either. Dedication is one of the key points of getting to your goals. It might not be a shortcut or the fastest way, but it will get you there eventually.

Count on your teammates

You should always learn to count on your teammates if you’re looking to improve yourself when it comes to your cheerleading. You should always have each other’s backs. If you’re stuck on a certain stunt or find it difficult to perform a routine, you should always reach out to your teammates to help you get through it.

There is nothing better than having great support when you’re trying to reach your goals. In the same vein, always be there when your teammates need help as well. A team should always be there for each other, during the good times and the bad.

Each practice and drill is a way to get closer to your goal

There may be times when you’re doing drills and practices for your Jacksonville cheerleading, and it might seem like a lot of work and effort.

When that happens, always remind yourself that every single drill and routine run-through is simply another step that helps you get closer to your cheerleading goals. It’s always a good idea to have something to motivate you when it seems too tiring to continue on.


How Your Jacksonville Cheerleading Team Can Save Money

Something that a lot of people don’t realize with Jacksonville cheerleading is that it comes with a lot of expenses. There are so many things that cheerleaders have to pay for, from uniforms to accessories and other cheerleading gear.

This doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface on cheerleading competition related expenses, like gym fees and transportation fees to the venue. All in all, there are so many expenses involved with cheerleading and it’s something that not many cheerleaders are prepared for when they first join up.

In fact, there are some schools that are finding it difficult to cover all of the expenses involved with their school cheerleading team and it has come to the point where the teams themselves have to figure out how to raise the money for their own expenses. Here are some ways your Jacksonville cheerleading team can save money.


Fundraisers are one of the most common ways that cheerleading teams raise enough money to cover their cheer related expenses. It’s always a good idea to be as involved with these events as possible. Do your part by helping out in whatever way you can during the fundraisers and contribute your ideas to help make the most out of your fundraisers.

Don’t be afraid to go secondhand

This might not be something that a lot of people think about, but if you find the initial expense of cheerleading uniforms too costly, you should seriously consider purchasing them secondhand. Consider contacting alumni who were part of the cheerleading team and see if you can buy their old uniforms off of them.

Good cheerleaders know how to take care of their own cheerleading gear, so there are no worries about quality. Buying a secondhand uniform means that all you have to spend on it is some minor alterations to guarantee a perfect fit.

Take care of your gear

Cheerleading gear is not cheap, and constantly using it for cheerleading can cause it to wear down enough to require regular replacement. Knowing this, it’s important to know how to take care of your Lakeland cheerleading gear.

For example, your cheerleading shoes are designed to help with your cheerleading performance and tend to be lighter than regular shoes and are more likely to wear down with constant use. In order to make sure that it doesn’t wear down too quickly, use shoe covers to help protect it while you’re using it to and from cheer practices.

Maintaining your gear and keeping it in good condition helps you save money by not needing to spend on new gear too often.


How to Make the Most Out of Your Jacksonville Cheerleading Practice

It’s no secret that Jacksonville cheerleading is a challenging sport. It takes a lot of physical and psychological effort to pull off the amazing stunts that you commonly see cheerleaders pull off, not to mention a lot of time.

When it comes to cheerleading, you’re going to want to make sure that not a single second of your practice days go to waste. If you’ve been a cheerleader for a while, you are probably aware that even though your cheer team meets for a large portion of the week, it still feels like there isn’t enough time to get every stunt down right.

If this is something that you’re familiar with, here are some ways that you can make the most out of your Jacksonville cheerleading practice.

Always start on time

A very simple tip to make sure that you and your team get the most out of your cheerleading practice is to simply make sure that the entire team follows the schedules for practice. This means that everybody has to get there in time and that your practice sessions also start on time.

It’s important to maximize your practice hours, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to stick to a strict schedule. Doing so guarantees that there’s enough time to cover the drills and routines that need to be done for that day.

Make sure that you and your team are hydrated properly and have eaten

Another thing that you have to look into to make sure that your team makes the most out of their cheerleading practice is to make sure that each member of the team is properly hydrated and have eaten enough.

If an athlete tries to perform without drinking enough water or eating enough food, they risk collapsing or getting hurt in the middle of practice, which can cause a setback in your practices.

Be open and receptive to feedback and opinions of others

Lakeland cheerleading practice is an ongoing process. In order to make sure that your team and your routine are at its best, you have to always be open to feedback from your coaches. Feedback should not be seen as criticism, instead, it should be used as a tool to help your team improve.

In addition to this, you should always be open to the opinions of others. Everybody is a part of the team, and that means that every single person’s opinion matters for the good of the team.


Traveling Mistakes That Every Jacksonville Cheerleading Team Should Avoid

Planning for travel is stressful. Packing your clothes for travel is stressful. Navigating the airport is stressful. So, why do we do it? We do it to experience new things and see different parts of the world and for Jacksonville cheerleading, they do it to learn more about themselves and of course, attend competitions and even cheer camps. If you think traveling alone or with your family is difficult enough, can you imagine traveling with a whole cheer squad?

When it comes to travel fails, nothing is as more stressful as planning and organizing a whole cheer squad. If you are planning to travel with your team soon, here are the most common mistakes that you should avoid doing when going on trips with the whole squad:

Never put your uniform in your check-in luggage

While all airlines try their best not to lose your baggage, that is still not a hundred percent guarantee. Never put your cheer uniforms inside your check-in baggage lest you want to compete sticking out like a sore thumb because you have to use a different set of uniform.

Or maybe your coach won’t even allow you to be a part of the competition without your cheer uniform. No matter how much you whine at the airline management and they reimburse your full ticket fee, the opportunity to compete with your friends has already been lost.

Arrive at the airport early

Arrive really early to the airport because traveling is such a lengthy process. You have to go through the check-in process, proceed to immigration (if international), go through a security check, and find your boarding gate. In some airports, this process can take hours, especially if the lines are long at the check-in counter.

Make sure that you have arranged the transportation of the cheerleaders going to the airport so everybody will be there on time. Arrange a carpool with a responsible parent who can make sure that everyone will arrive at the airport at the agreed upon time.

Keep your team color in mind

You will have to rent a van or a minibus to take the cheerleaders around the city or town. The biggest mistake you can do is not ask what the color of the bus or van is.

Remember that you will be competing with other teams. If your team color is not available at the rental place, make sure to pick another color that won’t be a rival team’s color.


3 Ways Jacksonville Cheerleading Helps You Achieve Your Future Goals

Jacksonville cheerleading members always have their work cut out for them. Every day, they prepare to get better on the mat and hopefully, win against their competitions. Cheerleaders are goal-oriented and they are focused on reaching and fulfilling these goals.

But these goals don’t last just a season! Cheerleaders can put the lessons they learn on the mat to good use by applying them to their everyday lives. From getting a job to raising a family, the skills and values and lessons you learned from cheerleading will stay with you forever.

Understanding healthy competition

Cheerleading is different from other sports because it is all about sportsmanship. They should cheer for other teams when they complete a difficult stunt but at the end of the day, they should be back in the gym trying to ask themselves how they can elevate to that same level.

Being victorious is kind of exciting but being challenged to improve and develop your skills will hone you to be better at what you do. Healthy competition is a way of life but you will learn along the way that the world isn’t as kind as you originally thought it was when you were a teenager.

Some competitions can get aggressive and ugly. This is not the cheerleading way. In cheerleading, you will learn how to respect other teams/people and to perform with positivity even amid immense pressure.

Better time management

The one thing that a lot of people struggle with is getting up early to start their days. A cheerleader, however, will learn from the very start of the tryouts that cheering is all about time management.

You have to get up early to grab a healthy breakfast, stretch those limbs, go to the gym to practice, attend classes, and go back to the gym again to perfect those moves for the competition.

The success of a cheerleading team is dependent on how dedicated the cheerleaders are to manage their time well and do everything on their daily checklist.

Good communicator

It’s hard for a cheerleading team to prosper without proper communication. The base cheerleaders and the flyers should communicate well during a stunt.

The cheerleaders should connect with the audience and make them scream louder when they perform a particularly difficult routine. Communication will make the cheerleaders better leaders, too.

When trying to enter the industry that you’re focused on, you will realize how important leadership is even in the most mundane of things. HR managers have ways of knowing which candidates are better as leaders and which are more susceptible to be good followers.


Bonding Activities For Jacksonville Cheerleading This Christmas Season

It’s the holiday season which means that practices are canceled and going to the gym won’t be a daily task from your coach. Jacksonville cheerleading tends to be a little easy on the cheerleaders when the holiday season approaches, as all cheerleading squads should be. This is a time for family and friends, though we should always encourage cheerleaders to spend time with each other outside the gym so they can get to know one another.

Want to know the best places to spend your holiday vacation with your cheer friends? Here are some of our suggestions:

Go to Disney World in Orlando

Nothing more fun than spending your time among your Disney friends, right? Maybe this is a bit of a splurge but if the whole team can handle it, then why not? You’ll remember spending the holiday season in Disney World for life.

This is going to be one of your happy thoughts, the days you go back to when everything seems wrong. You will surely have a blast with your cheer friends and it might even bond you for life!

Attend music festivals

If your squad loves the same kind of music, you can begin to look for music festivals happening around Florida. What’s a greater way to spend this season than to support some local bands? You might even catch your local school band performing in these festivals. What a way to bond, right?

Go to farmers’ markets

Farmers’ markets are always such a dream. They have that community spirit that we are all craving for in towns and cities like Lakeland and Jacksonville.

There’s a sense of camaraderie among the community members and cheerleaders should spend as much time as they can there because this is the same community that supports them during pep rallies and other performances. If your team is up for it, you may even start a fundraising campaign and ask support from people in the farmers’ market.

Volunteer at a shelter

But if there’s one thing that will soothe your soul this season, it’s volunteering your time at a shelter, whether for the homeless or for animals, it’s up to you. The season is all about giving and doing good. Your team will learn a lot by spending time with people less fortunate than you are.

Trust us, you will come out from those shelters forever changed. You will realize how lucky you are with all the opportunities that are coming your way and you’ll never take anything for granted ever again.


How To Carve A Budget For Jacksonville Cheerleading

Do you think that joining a Jacksonville cheerleading is just that simple? It’s not just about getting into the program or passing the tryouts. The money involved in being a cheerleader is simply no joke.

Not all schools are financially equipped to shoulder the expenses of their cheer teams. Most schools are focused on other sports such as football, basketball, and track and field.

Cheerleading is not a particular priority for many high schools, unfortunately. That’s why most parents shoulder the cost of the cheerleading gear—the headdress, the shoes, the uniforms, and even the travel expenses.

Here’s how to prepare and set aside a budget for your cheerleader:

Buy her sturdy and durable shoes

The most important gear for a cheerleader aside from her uniform is her cheer shoes. Don’t scrimp too much and buy her a cheap pair. Instead, find a durable and sturdy pair of cheer shoes that will last her for a long time.

In the end, your investment in a slightly more expensive pair of shoes will let you save more cash. The same can be said for her accessories and other cheer needs. If you can, try to invest in high-quality materials that will last her for a long time.

Set aside a few hundred bucks each month for her cheer needs

There are months when you don’t need to spend too much on her cheer needs. But then, there will be months where she has to travel with the squad to compete or to perform on the sidelines of a regional game and you’ll have to shell out a bit more cash than usual.

To offset the effects and the impact of these times, set aside a couple of hundreds of dollars for her to save each month. She will use this money only for cheer emergency cases such as having to travel to another state to perform.

Pay for a travel insurance when she’s competing outside the state

Speaking of traveling, pay for a travel insurance when she’s traveling so she will be protected in case her flight gets delayed or canceled because of unforeseen circumstances.

This will also protect you because traveling without a travel insurance is tantamount to paying for another round of airline tickets if she misses her flight.

Encourage her to work on the sides for some extra cash

If your cheerleader is really serious about succeeding in the team and reaching her potentials, she needs to carve some time out to earn extra cash (unless she’s a trust-fund baby with lots of cash lying around).

This will teach her all about dedication, sacrifice, and time management. Don’t worry, she’ll probably be good at everything she does (since nothing’s as hard as being a cheerleader).


Healthy Ways To Discuss Issues With Jacksonville Cheerleading

The success of a Jacksonville cheerleading team depends on their ability to get along well together. Without this camaraderie, they are bound to fail because every routine and stunt is based on that respect, care, and trust they have on one another. Many cheerleading squads spend hundreds of dollars on team-building activities in the hope that these will boost the teamwork among the girls.

But there’s another way that camaraderie can be boosted and teamwork can be assured among a group of teenage girls and that’s through communication. Actively talking to these girls will bridge the gap between your authority and their subordination.

Don’t make them feel that you are way ahead of them in terms of experiences in life and that their issues are, at best, trivial. Their feelings are valid. Their issues are valid. You are there to listen to them and to help them find solutions to the issues that come from their personal and cheerleading lives.

Train them to listen and understand

Active and open communication will bring your squad forward. Train the cheerleaders to listen to the problems of others and to understand with an open heart that everybody goes through something.

When they have been trained to listen, empathy will come naturally to them. So, when discussing issues within the squad, your cheerleaders will be better equipped at handling different opinions and comments. They will also be more understanding in accepting your decision as the coach.

Create a healthy environment

A healthy environment is one where you give off constructive criticisms instead of either heaping praises on them or giving them a dressing them down in front of the whole squad or audience.

If there’s a problem that needs addressing, it is best to call the attention of the girls involved in the problem and discuss these issues with them privately. There’s no use for name-calling or for harsh words.

Value their opinions

Once upon a time in your life, you were a teenager, too, and your difficult and full of angst. Just ask your parents about it.

You feel that nobody is listening to you and that no one cares about what you’re going through. We may be in the digital age now, but that’s still the same emotions that these teenagers go through.

Talk to them. Let them know that their opinions are valued and that you are willing to listen to them. Don’t be the kind of coach that is so detached her cheerleaders can barely find comfort in her wisdom and life experiences.


How To Develop Relationships With Jacksonville Cheerleading Parents

When you’re managing and leading a Jacksonville cheerleading squad, it is incumbent upon you to develop good relationships with the cheer parents. Without this relationship, you will find it hard to accomplish your goals or even to connect with your cheerleaders.

This relationship will be tested along the way because some parents are naturally over-protective to the interests of their children while some are more than likely to slack off when it comes to co-managing the team.

However, as the head coach of the squad, it is your responsibility to connect all these pieces together and make them work. What can you do to develop good relationships with the parents?

Hold a regular meeting

A regular meeting with the parents will help them understand better how the team works and what you need from them. During your meetings, you can discuss everything about the team—the camaraderie of the squad, internal conflicts, finances, class schedules, school grades, mental health issues, competitions, etc.

You can then ask for the parents’ help with regards to making sure that their daughters understand their obligations to their academic studies and to the cheer team.

Be friends with them outside the cheer squad

You can be friends with the parents outside the confines of the gym hall. During Christmas or Thanksgiving, try to hold a special dinner with the parents so you can get to know them and their families outside the usual cheer talk. It is always better to be friends with the parents because you can then ask for their help in terms of managing the squad and making sure that the girls are all following the right course.

Bond with them in non-cheer-related activities

What are the other non-cheer-related activities you can do in Florida? Maybe you can even have a field trip of some sorts with the parents and the cheerleaders? That would be a good bonding activity to boost the camaraderie of the team and to make them work better together.

Be open to them about all the issues in the team

Every team has issues. That cannot be denied nor can it be avoided. There will come a time when the cheer parents would question your decisions regarding the team. You can avoid the arguments by always being open to them about the problems that the squad face or any upcoming big decisions you have to make. Don’t let them influence your decisions but take into considerations their many suggestions and comments.


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