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Coaching A Jacksonville Cheerleading Team With Respect

It is intimidating to be a Jacksonville cheerleading coach in today’s world. Every step you take could end up on social media. Every mistake you make could be a viral video the next day. Your cheerleaders are constantly pressured by their peers, by social media, and by their own selves.

You have to deal with personal issues, parents who are overprotective of their athletes, the competitiveness of the squad that affects the internal relationships, and the complicated routines of today’s stunts.

So, how does a coach overcome these problems? How can they prevail in times like these?

Rising above the pettiness of squabbles

Just like any family, a Jacksonville cheerleading squad will have their problems with relationships, too. Some members will quarrel with each other and some will just never see eye to eye. When such problems affect their effectiveness on the mat, that becomes a challenge for the coach to deal with these issues.

Instead of siding with who you think is right, you need to make the two sides see that the squad is being affected by their inability to rise above the occasion. All families fight and just like any other family, a cheerleading team must remember that their relationships are more important than petty quarrels.

Create a guideline for coaching

As a Jacksonville cheerleading coach, you will be surprised with how childish some of the challenges that you will face. Still, that does not make these issues less important.

You need to set a guideline for yourself, on how you will be able to address the issues in a calm, fair, and consistent manner. A guideline will tell you to stay calm and to look at every side of the issue before deciding on what’s best for everyone.

Yelling is never effective

If your squad is having problems, don’t think for one second that this could be solved by yelling at them. The truth is, screaming at people has never solved one problem.

Instead, it will belittle the efforts and achievements of the team and it will make them feel that what they are doing is not being appreciated. Yelling will not solve anything, but it will hinder the progress that you have all been working hard on.

Always try to solve issues in a calm and rational manner. Rationality goes a long way when it comes to mending fences, facing challenges, and becoming a better team in the end.


5 Leadership Skills That Jacksonville Cheerleading Captains Must Have

Becoming a captain of your Jacksonville cheerleading squad is a big deal. But more than the title and the honor of leading your team to the finals, being a captain is a lot about taking responsibilities; sometimes, for things that are beyond your control.

Being a captain is more than just perfecting your routines and your stunts. It’s about being an example to your fellow squad members and being able to lead them to better versions of themselves.


This is very important. As a cheerleader, you will spend an endless amount of time practicing and perfecting your routines.

But as a captain, you will dedicate even more time to teach cheerleaders who are having a hard time with a particular stunt and thinking about new choreography. You will be thinking about cheerleading before, during, and after official practice hours.


You need to be organized as a team leader. You need to memorize the schedule of the practices, as well as other team-related activities. If there are payments that have to be made, that has to be in your planner.

You also have to remind your teammates about practice hours and doing their school work, too. You can buy a planner or have one installed in your phone to keep tabs on every schedule.


Part of being a team captain is taking responsibility for your team. If something fails, you should take the responsibility for it. You need to motivate your squad to work harder and to be better at their duties.

You cannot point the finger and blame your teammates. You need to show your coach that you will set your teammates straight.


Lack of communication alone can cause a team to disintegrate. If there are internal problems that need to be discussed, don’t think twice about opening the floodgate of communication.

You need to be able to speak to your coach and to your teammates and find solutions to your problems as a team. If a team member is falling behind school work, you need to talk to her and find out what problems are she having with school and Jacksonville cheerleading.

Ability to inspire

The Jacksonville cheerleading captain is tasked to keep the squad motivated and confident. Before and after practice, take a few moments to speak to the squad and inspire them with words of wisdom and motivational quotes. Congratulate them on their achievements, too, so they will be more inspired to do better next time.


Be in Tiptop Shape for Jacksonville Cheerleading Camp

Jacksonville cheerleading camp is an experience that every cheerleader will look forward to at least once in their cheerleading careers. It’s a great way for budding and long-time cheerleaders to learn more about cheerleading during the summer months, as well as get to know other cheerleaders in the area.

Not only do they learn more about the sport that they’re so passionate about, but they also have the chance to connect with those who share the same interest as them in Jacksonville cheerleading. However, it’s not a good idea to come in to cheer camp blind.

Even first-time camp goers know that cheer camp is a sort of primer for what a cheerleader’s schedule and daily routine is going to be like. Here are some ways that you can get in top shape for cheer camp.

It’s never too early to be physically fit

One of the earliest steps that you can take in being ready for cheer camp is getting a head start on physical fitness. You don’t have to adhere to a strict exercise plan as early as now, but conditioning your body to handle the physical requirements of Jacksonville cheerleading.

Start out with conditioning and cardio to help yourself get used to the physical activity. Don’t forget to stretch as well, performing physical activity without warming up is the easiest way to get yourself hurt.

Nutrition is an important step to physical fitness

As early as a couple of weeks before, you’re going to want to follow a more nutritionally rich diet in preparation for Jacksonville cheerleading camp. Cheerleaders need food that contains the right kind of nutrients in order to have enough energy to pull of the stunts that they do. Avoid eating junk food and other types of empty kinds of food when getting ready to head to cheer camp.

Mental preparation is also key

Remember that Jacksonville cheerleading camp is meant to help prepare you for the life of a cheerleader. So when you’re running drills with the rest of the cheerleaders, you will be critiqued along with the rest of the other members. It’s going to take a lot of mental fortitude to keep yourself going. Just remember that the comments of the coaches are meant to help you improve so that you can all succeed.

Learn how to pace your schedule as early as now

Cheer camp will help you adapt to the schedule of a cheerleader. In order for you not to be so shocked into the transition, you should learn how to pace your schedule as early as now. Set a schedule for yourself, and stick to it. This should help you get a head start on adapting to the more rigorous schedule.


Lead Your Jacksonville Cheerleading Team to Victory

Jacksonville cheerleading will always be, first and foremost, a team sport. The success of a team is entirely dependent on the members that make up the team. A good Jacksonville cheerleading team will always have excellent leaders. We’re not talking about captains and co-captains only, but other members of the team that the younger team members look up to.

Everybody has the potential to become a leader, as long as they find that drive within them. Being seen as one of the leaders of the team doesn’t mean that you have superiority over the other members of the team, it simply means that you have skills that you can teach the rest of the team in order to help the team excel as a whole.

If you’re considered as one of the leaders of team, whether as a captain, and officer, or simply a senior on the Jacksonville cheerleading team, then here are a few tips to help you out.

Be the leader and role model that you would want for yourself

One of the main keys to being a good leader is understanding that you are a role model for others. To best achieve this, try to visualize what kind of role model you would want as a Jacksonville cheerleading athlete, and try to observe the characteristics that make up a successful role model. Once you have to details, try to be that kind of role model.

Always keep a positive attitude

Jacksonville cheerleading is all about positivity, after all. As one of the team’s leaders, the other team members are going to be looking to you to see how they react to negative news and meet losses. That mood can affect the entire team, so maintain a positive attitude for yourself and the team.

Make sure that others can depend on you

As one of the leaders of the team, you have to make sure that you’re consistent and that the others can depend on you. Make sure that if somebody on the team needs something from you, whether it’s gear that they need to borrow, or your time to explain or show something, if you have made the promise to do so, then you follow up on that promise. People are more likely to follow someone who they can trust and depend on.

Nobody is superior to others

We’ve already mentioned this, but it’s very important to remember that you are not superior to anybody else in the Jacksonville cheerleading team, even if you hold a position on the team. You’re a team, which means that everybody is equally important, and that everyone is needed for the team to succeed.


Skills That Effective Jacksonville Cheerleading Captains Have

Becoming a Jacksonville cheerleading captain is something that plenty of cheerleaders aspire to be. And when you have the honor of becoming that season’s cheer captain, it’s an honor and one of the main highlights of your cheer career.

Right now, it’s the pre-season, and everyone is gearing to prepare for the new cheer season that’s about to start in a few weeks, and you’re aiming for the spot of head cheerleader. However, you might be a bit unsure as to whether or not you can handle being a cheerleading captain. You’re familiar with the cheer captain responsibilities, but you’re not entirely sure if you have the skill to actually be cheerleading captain.

Well, don’t fret, if you really are the best person for the job, your coach and team will definitely recognize that. To help you out, here are some of the skills that effective Jacksonville cheerleading captain share, and you can take a look and see if you need to work on something.


As the cheerleading captain, you need to be able to communicate effectively with not just your team, but with your coach as well. After all, you are the voice of the team, and if your team has any concerns about, well, anything, then it is your responsibility as the captain to help them voice those concerns to the coach.

In addition to that, being the cheer captain means needing diplomacy skills to help you resolve any conflicts that may be found within the team. You must be able to mediate between two parties of the conflict with as much neutrality as you can.


Of course, as cheer captain, you must be responsible. There are plenty of things that the cheer captain is responsible for. You are responsible for the welfare of the team, first and foremost. You need to set an example for the rest of the team by showing them how dedicated you are to the routine and drills.

In addition to that, there are other things that the cheer captain is responsible for, including facilitating fundraising drives for the team, and other captain’s responsibilities. You must be willing to meet these responsibilities if you want to be captain.

Passion for leadership

Nobody wants to be cheer captain unless they had the passion for it. There is no such thing as an effective Jacksonville cheerleading captain that does not have the passion for cheerleading and leadership.


Responsibilities of a Jacksonville Cheerleading Captain

The role of the Jacksonville cheerleading athlete is one that if oftentimes stereotyped in popular media. Let’s face it, we’ve all seen the movies. Usually blonde, most popular girl in school homecoming queen, and resident mean girl, cheer captains are a bit of a notorious trinope the scope of movies and television.

We all know this isn’t true, cheerleaders are remarkably dedicated, and get along well with others, otherwise, they wouldn’t have been chosen to lead the team. While the media is fond of stereotyping cheer captains incorrectly, they never portray any of the responsibilities of a cheer captain, other than having them put down the nerdy guy and dating the captain of the football team.

The captain of the Jacksonville cheerleading team has to take on a lot of responsibilities in order for the team to function properly. Here are some of the many responsibilities that a cheer captain has to take on.

Helping out with routines

Believe it or not, one of the main responsibilities of a cheer captain and co-captain is to help the coach come up with new routines.

While the coaches can visualize each stunt and step of the routine, they’re going to need the output of the captain and the members of the team to make sure the stunts are actually feasible, as they’re going to be the ones to perform them. A good cheer captain knows to listen and consider everyone’s opinion.

Acting as mediator

Another big responsibility of a cheer captain is acting as the mediator of the entire team. While you do all get along with each other, there may be times when things just don’t line up, and tensions get high. It’s the job of the cheer captain to make sure that these conflicts get resolved.

Cheerleaders are remarkably strong-willed and determined, and disputes are bound to happen. The best thing to do in this situation is to keep a level head and approach the situation with as much diplomacy as you can muster.


Not plenty of cheerleading teams have a lot of funding for the year, and as a result, most cheer teams have to resort to raising funds in order to get uniforms and other cheerleading needs. The cheer captain is the person who has to come up with fundraising activities, and put the whole thing together.

Lead and set an example

Above everything else, a Jacksonville cheerleading captain’s main responsibility is to be a leader and set an example for the rest of the team. The team looks to the captain to lead, and a captain must meet those expectations.

From training to the competition and handling the outcome of meets, whether positive or negative, the cheer captain must remain steadfast to be a good role model for the rest of the team.


Planning Your Jacksonville Cheerleading Responsibilities Around Your Summer Plans

Summer is a time of fun under the sun. We will always associate the summer months with feelings of happiness and freedom. The freedom to do whatever we want with our family and friends under the warm summer sun. For Jacksonville cheerleading athletes, they view the summer seasons as an additional opportunity to improve and learn new cheer skills. That is why, for plenty of them, they choose to attend cheer camp with their team, or take part in training sessions over the summer.

However, how does one manage to juggle the summer fun with the cheerleading responsibilities? After all, while training for cheerleading is great and all, you do want to have fun during the summer months. Here are some tips to help you plan your cheerleading responsibilities while being able to enjoy the summer season all at the same time.

Take note of important dates

To help you get some perspective, take down all of the important dates that you have to remember during the summer. Take note of the beginning of the summer, the beginning and end of cheer camp, and any trips you may be taking with your friends and family.

This helps you keep track of all dates that you need to keep note of, so that nothing accidentally gets scheduled at the same time. It also gives you the opportunity to plan around these dates, so you don’t end up making plans at the same time you’re supposed to be heading to cheer camp.

Family trips can be planned around cheer camp

If you have a family vacation trip planned around the same time as your schedule for Jacksonville cheerleading camp, and camp is out of state, you can make it a two in one thing and have your family come visit you.

Your family can look up some great things to do in the area, and since you’ll be headed there for cheer camp anyways, your family has one less ticket to worry about. For maximum effect, your family can plan the trip towards the end of cheer camp so that after camp, you can spend time with them in the area.

Make time for yourself

Above all, while figuring out a good schedule to juggle your Jacksonville cheerleading responsibilities around your summer plans, don’t be afraid to make some time for yourself.

Spending time with your squad, friends, and your family are all great, don’t forget to take some time off for just yourself. After all, summer break isn’t going to be around forever, so you better make the most out of it.


Improving Your Flexibility for Jacksonville Cheerleading This Summer

Jacksonville cheerleading athletes are quite dedicated all year round. During the regular season, they’re already hard enough at work, they’re busy training and doing drills in preparation for the cheerleading season. However, during the off season, they’re still hard at work looking for ways to improve themselves to help boost their cheerleading game.

So it’s summer vacation, and you’re looking to improve something so that when the Jacksonville cheerleading season comes around again, you’re up and ready to go. With that in mind, why not improve your flexibility? Flexibility is one of the most important traits that a cheerleader can have, especially as plenty of their stunts require flexibility to pull it off.

Having great flexibility also has added benefits like preventing injury, as this means that your muscles and joint aren’t so rigid. So here are some tips to help you improve your flexibility this summer season.

Stretching is always important

Of course, the number one thing to improve your flexibility is to keep stretching. However, it’s very important to know when stretching is to stretch properly. The great thing is, the right way of stretching isn’t difficult at all, and can be achieved with the right form and movement.

Even something as basic as your stretching from your PE classes can work as a form of flexibility exercise, as long as you do it right. You have to stretch your muscles and joints to make sure that you don’t accidentally hurt yourself by exerting your body with vigorous exercise.

Like with any other sport, if you don’t take the time to stretch properly before playing or performing, you may accidentally tear or pull a muscle because it hasn’t been warmed enough accordingly to handle the physical strain that you’re putting it through.

Strength helps with flexibility

Now that you’re all stretched out accordingly, it’s time to combine your flexibility training with some strength training. You can attach weights to your arms and legs when carrying out the stretching exercises. This helps improve your flexibility by improving your muscle strength.

Make sure that you make it a regular thing

The most important thing that you have to remember is that you have to perform your stretching routine on a regular basis if you want to see the results that you’re after in time for the Jacksonville cheerleading season. You can’t just pick it up and put it back down again whenever you feel like it, this take dedication.


Get the Most Out of the Night Before a Jacksonville Cheerleading Competition

The first Jacksonville cheerleading competition for any cheerleader will always be one that they will remember. The combination of excitement and the fear for the next day will be something that is rarely replicated in any other event. Plenty of cheerleaders are very nervous the night before the big day, so you can usually see them pacing around their rooms, and barely eating.

This is normal behavior, and very common for first competition jitters. Fortunately, after enough cheer meets, those feeling of nervousness will go away. If this is your first competition, and it’s the night before, and you’re worried about how you’re going to fare at the competition, the best thing to recommend is to distract yourself.

Don’t worry too much about it, tomorrow will come eventually. Here are some tips to help you out that will distract you from worrying too much about the cheerleading competition, while helping you be more productive at the same time.


As much as possible, you should be getting enough sleep the night before a cheerleading competition. If you lack sleep, you’re not going to be able to perform at the top of your game during the actual competition.

So if you’re too worried about the next day, we recommend that you get some rest. If it’s difficult for your sleep because of the nerves, try some classic sleep techniques, like listening to relaxing music, or drinking a glass of warm milk.

Eat properly

One of the biggest indicators of pre-competition jitters is a significant loss in appetite. While it may seem difficult now, make sure that you’re still keeping to a healthy and nutritionally balanced meal, especially in the days leading up to the actual competition itself.

Lack of proper food and nutrition can leave you feeling sluggish and tired on the day of the competition. Worst case scenario, you may end up passing out because your body doesn’t have enough nutrients to keep going. Always eat healthy before, during, and after the competition.


If you’re feeling jittery, put that energy to good use and pack for the meet tomorrow. Some Jacksonville cheerleading athletes leave packing to the very last minute, and they end up forgetting something important during the day of the competition. Make sure that you have a checklist that you can refer to to guarantee that you haven’t left anything behind.

Plan for tomorrow

Another productive way to divert your nerves from the Jacksonville cheerleading competition the next day is by planning out your route for tomorrow, and making sure that everything is in place.

For example, how are you getting to the competition? How much time do you have to get there? What is the best time to leave home to make sure that you get there in time? All these have to be considered to make sure you don’t end up late.


What Does a Good Jacksonville Cheerleading Camp Look Like?

Jacksonville cheerleading camp is something that every aspiring cheerleader will undergo eventually. It’s a great experience, and a chance for cheerleaders to connect with other cheerleaders from all over the area.

In addition to that, it’s a great opportunity for budding cheerleaders to expose themselves to the realities of the daily life as a cheerleader. A budding cheerleader can really learn a lot from cheer camp, which is why it’s very important that they go to the right cheerleading camp.

A cheerleader’s first cheer camp can make and break their decision to push through with their decision to become a cheerleader. If you’re helping your child find the right cheerleading camp, here are some characteristics of a good cheer camp that will help you decide whether or not your child would be a good fit for it.

Their programs are tailored to fit the needs to the attending campers

One of the most important things that you need to look out for when it comes to choosing the right cheer camp for your child is seeing whether or not their programs are tailored to fit the needs of their campers.

Some cheer camps assume that all campers are on the same level, which means that some of the athletes are struggling to keep up, while the others are bored with going along. A good cheer camps knows how to work with varying levels of skill by creating a good program that is tailored for each and every one of their athletes.

A focus on the importance of the team aspect of cheerleading

Jacksonville cheerleading is a team sport, first and foremost. It’s important that your child go to a cheer camp that understands and enforces the need for teamwork in their cheerleaders. A cheerleading team cannot succeed without teamwork, so cheerleaders need to learn and understand this early on.

Each staff member is certified

As much as possible, you want the cheer camp that your child goes to be staffed with certified and professional individuals. You want the best for your child, after all. Certified staff are more likely to be knowledgeable and up to date with the current safety standards for cheerleading. You can leave your child in their capable hands, knowing that your child is being taken good care of.

Understands the importance of confidence in cheerleading

You want your child to go to a Jacksonville cheerleading camp that emphasizes confidence, endurance, and all of the other life skills that cheerleaders pick up from the sport. Plenty of camps can teach technical cheerleading skill, but you want a cheer camp that can teach their cheerleaders how to excel beyond cheerleading.


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