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Fun-Filled Activities For Jacksonville Cheerleading This Holiday Season

Isn’t it too boring if the Jacksonville cheerleading squad will spend time together only within the school boundaries? Wouldn’t they get sick of each other and fail to get to know each other beyond the confines of the gym walls?

This holiday season, encourage the squad to spend some more time together and not practice stunts and choreography. Instead, allow them to have some fun and attend holiday activities that will surely delight them.

Exchanging gifts

How about a mini Christmas program for everyone to enjoy, huh? Fill up a tiny box with the names of the cheerleaders, including the coaches and the trainers.

Next, ask everyone to pick one piece of paper from the box. They don’t need to read the name aloud but they do have to pick a gift for that person. Schedule an exchange gift party. You can serve some appetizers and drinks before beginning your “exchange gift.”

One person will start it by telling something about the person who she’ll be giving the gift to. That recipient will then also describe the person who’s going to receive her gift and so on and so forth.

Potluck dinners

Instead of ordering from a fast food chain, why don’t the cheerleaders ask their moms to cook something for them? They can bring these dishes to a pre-arranged location and let everyone sample their moms’ cooking.

The better way to do this is to invite the parents, too, so that everyone can bond together over their love for their children and their children’s passion for cheerleading.

Food trucks and bazaars

Every holiday season, the city is brought alive by food bazaars, food trucks, weekend markets, and the like. These are great ways to spend time with each other.

Encourage the kids to check out some of these activities and bond together over food. Of course, they have to burn all the calories they’ll be getting from fries and milkshakes and pasta and burgers, but this is a good way for them to get to know each other and be truly friends.

Christmas carols

How about a little fundraiser, huh? Surely, there’s one cheerleader who can carry a tune while the other hymn? Invite friends and family to watch the cheerleaders perform only this time, they’ll be singing instead of dancing. The program can act as a mini-fundraising activity that can buy your team cheerleading gear, accessories, and uniforms.


Safety Reminders When Traveling With Jacksonville Cheerleading

When traveling with your Jacksonville cheerleading team, whether for competitions or for recreation or for team building activities, always keep in mind that these are still kids and as much as you want to trust them to make sound decisions, they may get caught up in the moment and not think straight.

Since everything is new for these kids and they are excited to spend time together beyond the confines of the school and the gym, they may play around and forget that they have a strict schedule to follow.

As their coach, you are responsible for the safety of these cheerleaders. Their parents signed on for you to be their chaperone so keep in mind that these kids are going to be your responsibility until the trip ends. So much pressure, huh?

Create a buddy system

The best way to travel with your cheerleaders is to have an extra person with you that can help keep them in check—maybe a parent or another member of the faculty?

However, you still have to create a buddy system wherein each cheerleader is partnered with another. They should check each other when going to the comfort room or even when transferring flights, etc. The two of them are responsible for each other for basic matters.

Give reminders to your cheerleaders

Create a checklist that your cheerleaders can follow. The list should include the things they need to pack, the schedule they need to follow, and the important emergency numbers they should remember or memorize. This list should help you streamline everything.

Pay for travel insurance

Travel insurance might be an extra expense that your school is not willing to cover but this is essential to your travel. It helps you be in control when a flight gets delayed or canceled.

You can also use it when a cheerleader arrives late at the airport and misses her flight. The airline can immediately book another flight for her so that she won’t miss the competition.

Arrange for accommodations and cab services

One of the reasons why things get awry when traveling is when you didn’t pre-arrange the airport transfers and the accommodations. If you are just going to find a cab to take you to your hotels right there in the airport, you are bound to be separated as a group and you will be unable to keep your eye on everyone.

Arrange for transfers and accommodations before your flight so everyone will be in one car or one shuttle bus going to the hotel and around the city.


How To Manage Issues Within A Jacksonville Cheerleading Team

How many times have we watched a cheerleading movie whose primary theme is the jealousy among the members? While these issues are not always prevalent in every Jacksonville cheerleading squad, they do exist in some form or another.

Some cheerleaders may be jealous of others because of the attention they get from the audience or the crowd. Naturally, someone will always standout in every performance. Some of the girls may feel that they are set aside for this particular “star” of the group.

The head cheerleader will always go through some form of discrimination from her peers because she was the “chosen one.” She was chosen to lead the cheerleading team based on what merits? That’s why it is important not to be the sole person who chooses who the head cheerleader should be.

Allow the whole squad to give their two cents about who they think should lead them. If they choose someone who you think is not fit for the job, hold an open forum where everyone gets to speak, including you.

Carefully, explain to them why you think a certain member will be better equipped to handle the pressures of being the squad’s leader. Allow them to hear your opinions about the position and how lofty the pressure is. At the same time, listen to the rest of the squad’s reason why they chose who they chose.

They might prefer this person because she’s better at being friends with them as opposed to your candidate. They might be more comfortable being led by someone they like rather than someone who they see as their competition.

You don’t have to decide on the spot. You can always take a few days off and think about the many reasons they presented, as well as your own reasons.

After you have made your decision, tell that to the group and ask them to give each other a chance to prove themselves. Do not make anything permanent. Allow the group to have the chance to speak up when, in a few weeks, problems crop up between the squad and your chosen leader.

The key to managing internal issues in a cheerleading team is to listen and value these girls’ opinions. Stop treating them as children not capable of making sound decisions.

Kids these days are very learned and knowledgeable about everything. You cannot fool them because they know how what they want and how to achieve that. Respect this newfound knowledge and you will get far.


Handling Mental Health Issues In Jacksonville Cheerleading

Social media has made many wonderful contributions to our lives. But it also turned us into insecure human beings that compare our lives with those we see on Instagram and Facebook. That is why it is very important to continue having real-life conversations with your Jacksonville cheerleading team because these conversations will help them understand that they shouldn’t live their lives based on social media posts, shares, and likes.

Managing a team composed mostly of teenagers (today’s millennial generation) is difficult. Can you imagine all these things that occupy their minds? They are distracted by many things and never has been peer pressure stronger than it is now. We have to keep these girls in check if we want them to continue being productive members of the community.

While many teens do manage to get out of their teenage lives unscathed by the pressures of school, peers, social activities, and many others, some are not so lucky. Always keep in mind that this stage of the cheerleaders’ lives is vulnerable and they are more susceptible to believing that that society thinks of them is important.

Tell them that it is not. Emphasize to these teens that they should live their own lives the way they want it (as long as they’re not stepping on others’ feet) and that they are responsible for their own happiness.

The key to keeping your squad in check is to always talk with them. Don’t merely focus on how great they were doing the stunts or perfecting the choreography.

Every after practice, make it a point to sit together as a group and share something about your week or your day. Tell them of your struggles with time management, too, so they know that they are not alone.

Some of these cheerleaders might feel that their peers are not going through the same thing because they are not talking about their own struggles. Make them feel that everyone is going through the same thing but are all trying to find solutions to these problems.

Your cheerleaders will feel better knowing they can talk to you about these things. They know that they can come to you if they ever feel so burdened by what social media tell them or what society thinks they should do. Always be a source of comfort to these cheerleaders because no matter how skillful and talented they are, they still have the same insecurities as any other teenagers.


Why Jacksonville Cheerleading Teams Need Cheer Parents’ Support

Coaches may think that cheer parents are intruding into their Jacksonville cheerleading program. The cheerleaders may think that their parents are stalking them to school and their activities. But for parents, their presence in cheer practices and performances means only one thing: they are 100-percent behind their children’s passion for cheer and dance.

Some cheer coaches hate the idea of seeing cheer parents during practices because they think this interferes into their ability to decide rationally.

While some cheer parents can become excessively passionate about seeing their daughters become a head cheerleader, most of those who go to practices are simply proud of their kids’ achievements. They are not looking for special treatment and they don’t expect you to give their daughter preferential treatment just because they were present during the practice.

The squad needs any help they can get and so do you. Alone, you cannot manage all the ego, hormonal imbalance, and millennial mentality of the whole squad. You would need someone else to help you manage the girls and explain to them that you’re only trying to decide what’s best for them. That’s why you absolutely need the loyalty of your cheer parents.

They are the ones who can and will be able to explain to their daughters that your decisions are what’s best for the group. Do not try and become the enemy for the cheer parents because it is very easy for parents to affect the relationships between you and the rest of the team.

Having the parents’ support also means you don’t have to worry about cheer uniform and gear. If your school budget does not allow you to purchase a new set of uniform or to travel for a regional or national competition, you can be assured that the cheer parents will do all they can to finance the squad. If cheering is something their daughters enjoy and are passionate about, they will surely look for ways to raise funds for their goals.

Another thing that you won’t need to worry about when the cheer parents are active in managing the team is the logistics side of cheerleading. Someone, of course, has to take care of the food, the drinks, the transportation arrangement, and many others.

While you can do it among yourselves and be responsible for each of your needs, there’s nothing like simply focusing on the task at hand. Instead of having to take care of so many non-cheer things happening around you, any cheer parent can take these duties off your hands.


Avoiding Jacksonville Cheerleading Team Burnouts

While we always strive to be the best persons we can be, our exhaustion and our fears can sometimes get ahead of us. Take Jacksonville cheerleading, for example. How many times have you felt, as a cheerleader, that you are taking on too much and you cannot survive the season?

How many times have you felt exhausted about every single thing—academics, cheerleading, family life, friendships, and romantic relationships? Juggling all of these is never going to be easy because we want to be successful n everything we do.

Feeling burned out should not discourage you from seeking help, whether the help’s coming from your family or your cheerleading squad.

And as for coaches, your job is to be a second parent to these kids. Look out after them and when you notice the signs of a big burnout, set the other goals aside and make sure to regroup and refocus your values as a team.

Bond the group together

It’s important for every squad to do bonding activities. Make it a point to do something non-cheer-related every week or every after practice.

Whether it’s playing games or allowing the cheerleaders to share how their week went, what’s important is for everyone to get to know each other on a personal level.

This will help them know each other’s limitations. When they bond, they will feel more comfortable with each other and this level of comfort will become beneficial for the routines, stunts, and choreographies.


Being heard will make a big difference in the life of one person. Can you imagine what that will do in a team?

Allow the team members to unload some of their ill feelings whether it’s about personal problems or academic difficulties. It’s nice to know that somebody cares for you and that’s exactly what you should let your cheerleaders know when they come to you to open up.

Switch it up

Having to do the same thing over and over again is tiresome and boring. It’s going to make anyone lose interest. So even if you have to master a stunt or a routine, switch the activities up by changing some of the things you have to do every practice.

You can also let them off the hook earlier than usual and encourage them to do something fun and relaxing like watching a movie or hanging out with their non-cheer friends. That will do a lot of difference and these cheerleaders will feel rejuvenated.


Making Friendships Last After Jacksonville Cheerleading Camp

Going off to Jacksonville cheerleading camp is always exciting. It’s another adventure that we can share with our teammates and newfound friends. It’s such a great way to kick off the summer season. We’ll leave the camp feeling refreshed and oh-so-ready for the new season to start.

Learning new stunts will also get you excited to perform for your community and your school. Camp, after all, is a perfect time not only to get to know your teammates better and learn new skills but also to meet new friends and form friendships that can last a lifetime.

Keep competition friendly

At Jacksonville cheerleading camp, you will not only bond with your squad, but you will also be with cheerleaders from other teams—even from your rival squads. It is natural for athletes to outdo one another and to compete against each other.

But under the circumstances of the camp and the goal of the counselors to make you better cheerleaders, keep the competition friendly and encourage the progress of other squads as your team makes strides, too.

By acknowledging the success of other teams, your squad will be true cheerleaders, too—the kind of cheerleaders people want to be around. Try to avoid negative behavior. Don’t sink to their level and simply be the bigger Jacksonville cheerleading team.

Compliment freely

Everyone loves receiving compliments! No matter how tough that person might be, he/she will love to be complimented on something that is dear to him/her.

Take time to acknowledge a person’s skill, clothing, or even hair accessory. The whole camp will then know that you are observant. Make sure to compliment someone when her hair is particularly bouncy that day or when she wears a cute top for practice.

You can ask her where she bought the hair accessory she pinned her hair with or the gym bag she has on her shoulder. Repeat this and you will leave the camp with plenty of new Facebook friends.

Maintain a positive attitude

No one likes to be around negative people. If you have a good outlook in life, you will notice that others will start to appreciate you more and they will want to be around you.

Be a light that draws others in. Stress can run high during camp because of the hot and humid weather of summer. Be a source of positive energy by being easy-going, fun-loving, and a person who always has a smile for everyone.


Staying Safe At Jacksonville Cheerleading Camp

For many cheerleaders, Jacksonville cheerleading camp is a breath of fresh air. This is one of those times when we can get away legally from our parents and just enjoy our time with friends.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with spending the summer with your parents but it’s nice to be with like-minded peers who share the same passion you have for cheerleading.

However, you and your friends must also remember that there are a lot of unsavory things that can happen at camp. Since you’re basically away from the comforts of your own home, you will still need to be on the lookout for any potential harm that might come your way.

Meeting new friends and cheerleaders from other squads is just one of the benefits of attending a cheer camp. You will also learn a lot of new stunts, routines, choreographies, and even other passions.

Learning from one another is probably the best lesson that a cheer camp can give you. But along with this learning comes also a responsibility to keep yourselves safe and free from all kinds of harm.

Use the buddy system

During the start of Jacksonville cheerleading camp, your counselors will pair you off. Your partner will be your buddy, which means you go with her wherever and whenever. You will not move or walk alone.

You will have to take your buddies. The purpose of the system is two ways: one, you are both protected from coming into harm; and two, you can meet new people and bond with them. You may be paired with a complete stranger.

Don’t use this as an excuse not to spend time with that person or leave her when you want to go walking in the woods. Never go anywhere alone. No space in this world is safe enough to be alone. Your buddy should come with you to assist you and help you in whatever form you need.

Focus on the routine

It is easy to get caught up in all the excitement of being at camp. You will meet new friends. You will bond with your teammates.

But above all, you will learn new stunts, routines, dance choreographies, and many more. And while you may want to hang around and play around with your friends, you should not lose your focus on your new learnings.

Most injuries in Jacksonville cheerleading while performing stunts or tumbling routines is because the cheerleaders did not practice enough or were too distracted. Your fellow teammates depend on you and they put their trust on you, quite literally.


Signs You Are Never Going To Get Over Your Jacksonville Cheerleading Days

Even if you have made a career out of Jacksonville cheerleading and now cheers on the sidelines of national sports games such as the NBA and the NFL, there is nothing quite like the experience of being in a gym with your buddies or performing in front of the school.

Now that you’re older, things are a lot better, of course—there are no rules to follow, you can eat anything you want, and you don’t have a curfew. Still, you look fondly at those days in the gym and remember what it’s like to cheer with your friends.

Daydreaming about cheerleading

All your daydreams might involve cheerleading. Stuck in a boring meeting at work or a dragging class in college? You may find yourself thinking about your glory days as a cheerleader and even you cannot believe you were that good back in high school. In all your daydreams, you tend to be amazing in them. Of course, it helps if your team won championships and you can just relive that feeling of invincibility.

Putting on your cheerleading uniform

Want to know if you lost weight and is back to your old form? Why not fit that old cheerleading uniform that’s gathering dust inside your closet? That might sound weird for some people but it is completely normal for people like you who fell in love with cheerleading. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with lounging around in your old cheer uniform, right?

Breaking into cheers in random places

You hear your song in the grocery loudspeakers and suddenly, you’re breaking into your old dance routine. There is no stopping you and of course, you remember every part of the routine. It doesn’t matter if everybody thinks you’re crazy. If you hear your song, you’re going to dance your worries away.

Cheering along in the stands

You still love watching Jacksonville cheerleading teams in the local schools in your area. You love watching them break into a routine and you feel like you could do all those steps. Why didn’t they call you down to perform with them? You wonder if you can keep up with these young kids and their complicated flying routines.

Incorporating cheer gear into your outfit

Do you notice that you always buy big bows to put on your headband or your dress? Do you like receiving keychains and other trinkets with pom-poms designs? These are clear signs that you are not over your love for Jacksonville cheerleading.


5 Things To Do To Get Into Jacksonville Cheerleading Shape

Jacksonville cheerleading is a truly comprehensive workout and sports. During the summer season, cheerleaders tend to “let go” of themselves and enjoy those barbecues we love throwing out in our backyards.

But though they may gain a little weight and lose those lean muscles, cheerleaders can easily get back into shape once training season begins.

Here are some fun and exciting ways to prepare your body for the next season:


If you are into Jacksonville cheerleading, you surely are interested in dancing, too. Didn’t have time to enroll in a dance class before? Now might be a great time to start learning those dance moves.

The dance sequences in cheer routines tend to mimic the steps in hip-hop or aerobic classes but even contemporary dance lessons and ballet classes will get you into shape and develop those newfound skills.

Cardio and strength training

If you are aiming to target a particular weight or to gain muscles in some areas of your body, cardio and strength training is the way to go. Both of these exercises will help burn calories and fats.

For cardio training, you can go on a hike with your friends or go bicycling around town. You can also attend dance classes because this helps burn those calories. There are a lot of unique activities you can do to work out those muscles.


We know it’s summer and it’s nice to indulge in milkshakes, ice creams, backyard barbecues, hot dogs, and what not. But if you don’t want to endure feeling “out of shape,” you have to keep a healthy and balanced diet.

Choose good fats from olive oil, nuts, and fish instead of saturated and processed products like butter, bread, and bacon. You may also want to reduce your alcohol and sugar intake. Drink more water instead since it is more beneficial to your weight loss goal.


A cheerleader has to be flexible because all those routines and choreography will require you to be as “bendable” as possible. Even in your downtime invest your time in stretching those muscles. Do a straddle position, a butterfly stretch, and some seated toe touches.


Never forget to practice your tumbling skills even in your own backyard or basement. Dedicate just 20 minutes of every day to develop your cartwheels, handstands, and split jumps. Trust us, you will really impress your coaches and your teammates once you return for the new Jacksonville cheerleading season.


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