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CFA shows support and active engagement with our community!

This is such an exciting week for CFA! Not only are our off season practices in full swing, we have put in place a series of themed practices to keep the fun alive at the gym leading in to the new season! We’ve been practicing new skills and perfecting old ones and coaches and athletes alike are excited!

Every Monday and Tuesday are “Black Out” practices for our athletes. Every Wednesday and Thursday our practices reflect CFA’s support for various members in our community!

April 13 and 14, Central Florida Athletics lit the gym blue in honor of Autism Awareness!

The practices set for this week, on April 20 and 21 will give others in the community a chance to see what CFA is all about! We will be hosting two open practices where athletes will be able to bring a friend to practice with them! We will be going over an introduction to the sport and allowing girls and boys of all ages to see what a fun and encouraging environment we share at the gym! Of course, these practices will have a theme as well! Our athletes and their guests are encouraged to come dressed alike, in order to have a twin themed night at the gym! Come check it out!!!

Next week, April 27 and 28 we will be supporting our local heroes and come to the gym dressed as firefighters, police officers, doctors, nurses, teachers etc.! We’ve built the excitement up and cannot wait! We, at CFA, love to outpouring our love for the community and show support any chance we can!!

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