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CFA Tumbling Clinics – The who, what, when and why!

Have you been to one of our Tumbling clinics at CFA? They are broken down for levels 1-2 and 3-5 and have been quite a hit this cheer season!

Tumbling clinics encourage learning at least one new skill for each athlete in attendance! The environment is much more individualized, so the only people in the gym are the tumblers and coaches. This allows athletes and coaches alike to focus on perfecting tumbling drills and skills. All sorts of drills are set up per level and per skill. Time for free tumbling is allowed from the corners and tumble trak is also available for use. Throughout each clinic you are guaranteed to learn lots of exercises to help improve skills and continue working them in our tumbling classes or at practice! Plus, you’ll receive a neat CFA bracelet for coming!!

Here’s what some of our very own athletes have to say!

“I went to the tumbling clinic at CFA and I liked working with coach Zak on my standing backhand springs and there where lots of great drills for backhand springs and round offs. I had a great time at the clinic and I pushed myself by trying to set my mental block aside and worked on just throwing it. I feel that this clinic was fun and beneficial! I had a great time!” – Kamryn Boyte

“I have been to a tumbling clinic at CFA.My favorite coach to work with is Adam. I have worked on doing my series backhand springs and not doing them in one place. I have accomplished doing series backhand springs with a pass. I pushed myself by having a lot of energy to do it and people saying that you can do this Morgan. I also pushed myself by not giving up!” -Morgan Allen

“I went to a tumbling clinic at CFA and I liked working with Coach Zak on my Running three Back handsprings. I also worked on backhand springs in general. I pushed myself in trying my best and encouraging others!” -Kennedy Hamilton

“I loved the tumbling clinic at CFA. Coach Zak really pushed me to get my back handspring. I plan on attending more clinics in the future and would recommend it to all my friends.” -Maddie Linch

Our next clinic, which is the last one offered prior to next season’s tryouts, is set for April 16! Sign up on our website or at the front desk today! You won’t want to miss it!

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