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The Challenges Of Coaching A Cheerleading Team

Jacksonville cheerleading

Aside from juggling the different mentalities and attitudes of Jacksonville cheerleading members, coaches have to also think about new routines, focus on their personal lives, travel with the team, look for funds, and act like a parent to these young girls.

Probably the most challenging out of all cheerleading coach role is to act like a grown up when you feel ready to breakdown yourself. So, how do coaches do it? It’s really not that simple, no matter if it looks that way during competitions and in movies. Coaches have to act like parents to these kids, some of whom never built a relationship with their parents the way they built it with their coaches. Cheerleaders tend to be emotionally attached to their coaches.

Thinking of new routines

There are days when you are just stumped. There’s nothing new inside your head. Everything has already been made, practiced, performed, executed, etc. Thinking of new routines can be a major bummer, especially when there’s a competition looming ahead. The pressure is there to actually think of what to perform and to make sure that the team executes is well. Oh, as a coach, you are also pressured to win everything for the team. Yeah, it’s not easy to be a coach these days.

You have to find a source of inspiration, of overflowing ideas where you’ll dig in once the need for a new routine presents itself. Remember, every routine must tell a story. What kind of story are you telling with this routine? Nothing? Then, change it.


Traveling with the Jacksonville cheerleading squad to every part of the country where there’s a chance to be noticed in a nationwide scale can be really taxing. You tend to focus more on these girls than on your personal life. On one hand, that’s okay because you get to inspire and influence them to be responsible human beings. But on the other hand, you’ll notice that you’re missing your own family’s dinners, travels, vacations, and stories. You’ll be delegated to that family member that they text or call when something funny happens. You won’t be there when it actually does happen.

Dealing with a loss

What happens when the Jacksonville cheerleading squad losses? How does a coach console his/her team when he/she cannot console his/her own self? Remember, these are young impressionable women we are talking about. Most of these kids are mighty competitive, so they are bound to take losing the hard way. You have to find a way to make them understand that it’s perfectly fine to lose. In fact, it’s expected of them to lose once in awhile.

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