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Understanding Your Role As A Cheer Captain

There’s more to being a Jacksonville cheerleading captain than meets the eye. For many, they think she’s the bubbliest girl in the squad or at the very least, the most talented in terms of dance and stunt skills. But that’s simply not it. A cheerleading captain must also be responsible for a lot of things that do not include tumbling and jumping.

Logistically speaking, a cheerleading team would be hard to exist if the captain is not responsible enough to keep her members in check.

Here are some of the duties and responsibilities of a cheerleading captain:

Primary contact of school administration and coaches

If the school needs to reach one of the teammates or the coaches, it is the captain that they usually have the number of. She’s the face of the organization so anything that happens–good or bad–would reflect on how well or how badly she’s handling the team. The responsibilities of a cheerleading captain is huge because she has to keep everybody in check.

Keeper of the squad notebook

Basically, the notebook contains personal and important details of each member of the team. Usually, it includes names, addresses, telephone numbers, emails, parents’ names, list of cheers and dances, schedules, constitution, cheer rulebook, calendar and camp information.

Minutes of weekly meetings

Cheerleaders don’t only practice stunts and dances during their meet-ups. They also do actual sit-down meetings, where they talk about their plans for the season, their competitions, their goals, and any issues they may have financially, administratively and logistically. The notebook includes minutes of those meetings, so that it’s easier to confer decisions since these are all recorded.


Last but not the least, a Jacksonville cheerleading captain must be a leader. She must set the example to her peers, so that when they are confused about what needs to be done, they only have to look at their captain. This is the most important factor of being a cheerleader captain. Before anything else, a captain must know how to lead her team and she must be willing to take on the responsibilities required of her. Also, she must be both a leader and a follower. She must be able to listen to her teammates and her coaches, of course.

Technology today makes it easier for cheerleading captains to take note of everything that’s happening during practices and meetings. They can record it on video and on audio, so it’s easier to review them once an issue arises.

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