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Cheerleading Competition

Ten days ago our cheerleaders hit the road and traveled to Fort Lauderdale, FL where they competed at the South Florida Nationals. This was a two day competition that lasted Saturday and Sunday. After two long days, hard work from all the teams, and some tough competition the weekend came to a great end with one 1st place finish, four 2nd place finishes, and one 4th place finish. This weekend made for three in a row wins for our Senior Level 1 team coached by Coach Kristyn and Coach Adam. Over the course of the season majority of the teams at CFA have placed in the top 3 at all competitions. Our teams have excelled tremendously some of which have earned Grand Champion titles, and judges choice awards. Thus far this season has been one for the books! The success of our teams is due to the hard work and dedication from the athletes, parents, and coaches. We will be wrapping up the season at the American Open, UCA Nationals, and Cheersport Grand Championships. It has been a great pleasure to watch these teams grow and succeed together. We look forward to seeing everyone at tryouts!

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