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Cheerleading Movies versus Jacksonville Cheerleading In Real Life

Jacksonville cheerleading

We love Jacksonville cheerleading movies and hanging out with our cheerleader friends to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. Watching your favorite cheerleading movie is always a blast, whether you’re by yourself or you’re with friends and family. There are some movies, however, that just don’t get right about this sports and the passion of cheerleaders for it.

In movies, cheerleaders are shown to prefer wearing heels and mini skirts. But in truth, cheerleaders like wearing gym clothes, spandex, rubber shoes, sweats, and t-shirts. As long as they are comfortable, they’ll feel good about it. After all, they wore tight spandex all throughout the competition season, so it’s a nice break for them to be in gym clothes when they are in school during regular hours.

Cheer rivalries in movies vs. in real life

In movies, we see cheerleaders vying for a title and even making pranks on their rivals. That does not happen in real life. In truth, cheerleaders are so busy with their routines, with practicing, with their student lives that they don’t have much time to think about their rivals and competitions. Instead, they focus on working hard and disciplining themselves, so when the competition arrives, they are ready for any challenges.

Outdoor cheer practice in movies vs. in real life

What we see in movies when cheerleaders practice is not always real. We see actresses with their hair in place and without nary a sweat. Life is not perfect in real life. Cheerleaders practice their routines even when it’s raining or when the sun is so high you can feel it burn your shoulders. There is no cheerleader who would tell you she has never sweat in her life. In fact, every practice, cheerleaders are mentally and physically trained. There is no time to think about brushing away a strand of hair.

Cheer routines in movies vs. in real life

Cheering is not all about pom-poms and jumping around the field asking for the audience to wave or scream at the top of their lungs. Cheerleaders, no matter what skill level you’re on, are required to practice flying, jumping, cartwheeling, tumbling, and many others. It takes hard work and dedication to actually become better at this sports. There is no shortcut to a cheering success.

Post-celebration victory in movies vs. in real life

Why do cheerleading movies always have to end up with the head cheerleader falling for a nerdy boy at school? That is not the case in real life. Cheerleaders are sometimes so tired that their parents have to carry them to the car to get home. After a season’s victory or loss, Jacksonville cheerleading members are so exhausted, they would rather sleep than drink beer.

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