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Choosing the Perfect Music for Your Jacksonville Cheerleading Routine

Jacksonville cheerleading is such an adrenaline fueled sport. The rush of executing a stunt perfectly, pumping up the energy of the crowd, and dancing right out on the mat as soon as the music hits. Of course, music is one of the most important aspects to any cheer routine, after all, how can you pull of all your amazing dance moves and stunts without the right beats to back you up? Picking the perfect music can really help boost your squad’s energy and give your performance a definite edge. Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect music for your cheer routine.

Make use of sound effects

Using sound effects to emphasize a specific aspect of your routine or as a great way to build up tension when working up to a big stunt is a great way to add a bit of a boom to your routine. For example, finishing your routine with a fireworks sound effect is a great way to end your routine with a bang. Sped up sound effects are great for the faster parts of your routine.

It’s all a matter of finding what works. However, don’t overdo it with the sound effects, as this could be counterproductive and may lose its novelty if incorporated into every other step. Try to space it out and use it during the most important parts of your choreography, and you have a hit on your hands.

Try to incorporate a theme with your music

Finding music that revolve around a similar central theme can give your routine a more interesting approach. Whether your theme revolves around a specific music style, a music era, or mood, these are a great way to figure out a central approach to your routine. This gives your routine a certain cohesiveness that is sure to impress both the judges and the audience alike.

Try to stay away from the latest hits

There’s always going to be “that song”. You know the one. It’s the song that’s blasting everywhere and everyone has it stuck in their head. While it might seem like a good idea because of how catchy it is, do not use the current latest hits for your cheer routine. Because if you’ve got it stuck in your head, and everyone else has it stuck in their heads, then there’s a very good chance that your competition might get the same idea and use it for their routine.

Look into using other music other than the Top 40’s, maybe look into some great older songs, or not so popular songs from the same artists. This keeps your soundtrack fresh while still upbeat enough to perform to.

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