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Common Mistakes To Avoid During Sideline Cheerleading

Jacksonville cheerleading

What is sideline Jacksonville cheerleading, anyway? Sideline cheerleading means you’re cheering from the sidelines. We usually talked about competitive cheerleading here, but there’s another “duty” that cheerleaders have to do when they are a part of a school team—they have to cheer for the school’s sports team, mainly football and basketball.

Every time it’s the football season, cheerleaders are busy performing on the sidelines—cheering the crowd along and asking them to yell and shout for the home team. Here are the five common mistakes cheerleaders do during the football or basketball season:

Under exaggerating

You have to exaggerate certain things as a cheerleader. Your facial expressions, for example, have to be a bit exaggerated because you’ll be far away from the audience. That is why it’s important that you use heavy makeups, glitters, pom-poms, bows, and headbands to keep the crowd’s attention. The same holds true for other sports. If you’re cheering for a basketball team, it’s important that you exaggerate your gestures and expressions.

Skipping the warmup exercises

Just because you’re not doing any gravity-defying stunts does not mean you should skip the warmup process. Proper warmup is the key to an injury-free game. You will be able to perform better, so it’s a win-win situation for you and the team. If you have to, show up to the game early and do some warmup exercises such as jogging, running in place, and jumping jacks. You have to get your blood pumping before the game starts.

Not conducting a safety check

This is really simple. Before every competition or performance, you have to check the area where you will be doing the stunts and the cheers. Look for pebbles or trash and remove them from the area. Something as little as a pebble or a piece of trash can cause an injury or an accident. If there’s a boulder or anything immovable, make sure to point it out to your teammates, so they won’t accidentally back into it while cheering.

Not being familiar with the rules

The team captain will call out for the cheers, but it would be nice if the members know about the cheerleading rules, too. It will make it easier for the team captain to manage the team if everyone is familiar on how the cheering should work. Every Jacksonville cheerleading team will certainly benefit from knowing the ins and outs of running and managing a squad.

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