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Encouraging Your Kids To Join A Jacksonville Cheerleading Team

Jacksonville cheerleading

Jacksonville cheerleading is good for the physical, mental, social, and even emotional health of young kids. With this sports, they’ll learn a lot about how to build camaraderie with their teammates, how to focus on their work ethic, how to cooperate with different types of people, how to compete with the right attitude, etc.

When your daughters begin to grow up, they’ll slowly realize what they want to do in school and what kind of extracurricular activities are they most capable of. You’ll be the one to guide them through the process of choosing what is best for their overall physical and emotional health. In school and even outside of it, there are various activities your daughters can be a part of. They can join a gymnastics team or a taekwondo training or even little chef classes.

One of the activities they can join is a cheerleading squad. They can join the tryouts and see if they have the skills to become a cheerleader. How do you trigger your daughters’ interest to join the team?

Let her watch competitions

Don’t make her watch cheerleading movies. Except for a select few, almost all cheerleading movies have the same plot–popular girls who are judged because of how they look but are secretly in love with the nerd guy in school. At the end of the movie, your daughters will learn more about how the cheerleaders fall in love rather than what is good with the sports.

Instead, show them clips of actual cheerleading competitions where they will be wowed by the skills and the talents of the girls. Once they see the cheerleaders tumble, jump, dance, and fly, they might be interested enough to inquire how they will learn all these things, too.

Read her stories

Maybe you were a cheerleader before? If that is the case, then you can storify some of your adventures and tell them to the kids as if they are someone else’s stories. Or, you can actually tell them that you were once part of a cheerleading team and that you enjoyed your time with them. Tell them stories about your adventures and your misadventures. Let them meet some of your former teammates who became lifelong friends through the years. There is so much about cheerleading that you can be proud of. Make sure your daughters know about these and that they understand what a huge part of your life Jacksonville cheerleading is.


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