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What To Expect From A Cheerleading Gym

Jacksonville cheerleading

If you don’t already know, Jacksonville cheerleading gyms are expensive. They can go as high as thousands of dollars, depending on how competitive the team is. If your kid really wants to be a part of a squad, you should pay heed to the amenities that come with that high tuition rate.

First of, it should have high quality gym equipment. That means that facilities for gymnastics—the right mat, poles, obstacle course, etc—must be accessible to your teen. You should also check if the equipment is safe and follows the safety regulations set by many cheerleading organizations and governing bodies. Since you’re paying a lot for your kid to have the right to access this equipment, it should be as best as advertised.

Read the brochure again and the membership contract that comes with it. We’re sure that you have checked the gym before and you were impressed with the facilities and that’s why you agreed to pay that tuition. However, it’s still within your rights to check every nook and cranny of the gym just to make sure you’re not being hoodwinked to pay for subpar equipment and training.

The next thing you should do is to set a meeting with the coaching staff. You want to make sure your kid is in good hands. Ask for a schedule of event, so that you know when is the competition season and when training is at its peak. You would be able to schedule family events and vacations around your kid’s new school and cheerleading schedule.

It’s important that you are familiar with how the coaching staff works and what their goals are. Do they want to compete in all events in the state? Or are they choosing where to compete based on the location and the competition fees, etc? Remember, you would be the one to shoulder the fees associated with the competition. If it’s out of state and the squad needs a bus, you would shoulder the fees together with the other parents.

The Jacksonville cheerleading gym would orient you on this one, and they should tell you what kind of fees you should be expecting. However, if you feel that the gym is asking for too much, it’s okay to ask them why and let them justify the amount they are asking for. It is your money, after all, and you’re obliged to make sure it’s not going to waste.

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