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Expenses That Jacksonville Cheerleading Parents Have to Consider

Your child tells you that they want to try out for Jacksonville cheerleading, and being the great parent that you are, you support their decision wholeheartedly. So while they’re practicing their basic stunts and jumps, you’re on the sidelines, cheering them on and welcoming them home after a long day of practice. Finally, the day for tryouts is here, and the both of you are nervous with anticipation. Your child comes home from tryouts, and you frantically search their face for any sign of how the tryouts had gone.

Fortunately, your child brings great news. They got in! You prepare a healthy snack for them, while their chatter away and tell you about everything that happened during the tryouts, and what’s next for your budding cheerleader. Suddenly, you are struck by a thought. How much is everything going to cost?

You’re happy for your child, but you know that cheerleading is like any other school sport, and expenses are going to have to be considered. There’s gear, equipment, uniforms, etc. and you’re not entirely sure where to start. If this describes your situation, here is a basic rundown of what expenses have to be considered for cheerleading.


First and foremost, gear will have to be one of the first expenses that you have to prepare for. While cheer uniforms are only the tip of the iceberg, there are other clothing-related expenses that you have to anticipate. These range from practice gear, which includes cheer shorts and shoes which are specially designed to handle the impact and strain that an athlete will need during training, to accessories that a cheerleader will need for competitions and meets, like bows, poms, makeup, hair accessories, and the like.


Training is also be another expense that cheer parents will have to cover, but rarely anticipate. While training can be taken care of at school, cheerleaders often have to cover registration fees when they join the team for the school year. If they lack expertise in certain areas, they may have to take extra classes to help them catch up with the rest of the team. Competitive cheer includes other additional fees, as fees include the cost of enrolling at the gym where they have to train.

Misc fees

While the above mentioned are the basics of a Jacksonville cheerleading athlete’s expenses, there may be other miscellaneous fees that have to be covered. These may include: cheer camp, transportation fees to and from competitions, and “spirit” fees, among others.

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