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Fear of Tumbling

When giving tumbling advice, almost 100 percent of the focus is on the physical skills needed to perform better. But many times fear is the biggest hurdle to overcome before you achieve a new skill. Being afraid or nervous isn’t a bad thing; in fact over-confidence can result in injury. That small hint of fear is what reminds you to practice and perform safely and to know when something is too difficult to do. As an athlete, you must learn to separate your fear from the ability to do a skill.

Put your fear into perspective. What are you afraid of? Is it the landing? Are you afraid of falling? You can’t beat your fear until you recognize the reason behind it. In some cases, just understanding why you’re afraid can make a world of difference. If you’re having trouble with a skill (or are afraid to do it), evaluate your current tumbling skills. What level are you and what skills are your peers doing? You may discover that you need to perfect other skills before working on this new one.

Open up to your coaches. There’s no reason to handle your fear on your own. Your coach isn’t just there to teach you a routine; we are here to guide and help you. If you explain your fears to your coach, we can work together to overcome them. After talking to your coach, you’ve got to go for it. You won’t improve if you don’t at least try to throw the skill, ask your coach for a spot or for a drill to help conquer your fear. Avoiding the skill is the absolute worst thing you can do.

Remember, it’s okay to be nervous and it’s even okay to have a little fear. If you stay in control of your fear and nerves, it won’t take over and build. As long as you practice in a safe environment with the proper training, you can beat that fear!

To learn more about our Lakeland Tumbling classes please call or stop by and speak to one of our Central Florida Athletic coaches.

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