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Five Ways To Survive Attending Jacksonville Cheerleading Camp

Attending a Jacksonville cheerleading camp is often quite a dream for cheerleaders. There are loads to learn at a cheer camp—cheers, chants, choreographies, stunts, routines, etc. There are lots of bonding moments, too, among the cheerleaders. Most former cheerleaders you know today would always remember with fondness the great time they had at camp.

However, it can be quite exhausting, too. It’s not only fun, but it’s a lot of work as well. If this is your first time to attend a cheerleading camp, here is a little guide for you on what to expect and how to survive it with your teammates:

Fuel up right

Sure, you can bring lots of candies to camp, but you shouldn’t eat them all. You need to fill up first on healthy food to keep you strong and to help you endure the pain of doing the routines and choreographies. You can enjoy some treats later on, if you want, of course, but always take the healthy bites first because you need all the healthy treats you can.

Get enough rest

Since you are together with your teammates, it’s easy to lose track of time and bond with them all-night long. However, resist the urge to do so because you will only stay up late at night talking and doing all girly things. Rest now and sleep well, so you’ll have the energy you need the day after. You can have a sleepover, anyway, once you get home.

Pack your cheer gear

You are going to sweat a lot when you’re in cheer camp because of all the skills you have to learn. Pack plenty of cheer gear because you’ll have to change a lot. Include a variety of fitted and loose clothing, so you have something to choose from depending on the type of activity you’ll have to do that day.

Ask for help from your teammates

If you don’t understand something, don’t be afraid to ask your teammates. Also be ready to lend a hand when they need you. Your teammates will be the first ones to help and understand what you need. After all, they are going through the same thing.

Drink lots of fluid

It’s important to keep yourself hydrated all throughout your time in cheer camp. Drink a bottle of water as soon as you wake up and keep hydrating while doing your activities. You can alternate taking in water or sports drinks.

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