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Fun-Filled Activities For Jacksonville Cheerleading This Holiday Season

Isn’t it too boring if the Jacksonville cheerleading squad will spend time together only within the school boundaries? Wouldn’t they get sick of each other and fail to get to know each other beyond the confines of the gym walls?

This holiday season, encourage the squad to spend some more time together and not practice stunts and choreography. Instead, allow them to have some fun and attend holiday activities that will surely delight them.

Exchanging gifts

How about a mini Christmas program for everyone to enjoy, huh? Fill up a tiny box with the names of the cheerleaders, including the coaches and the trainers.

Next, ask everyone to pick one piece of paper from the box. They don’t need to read the name aloud but they do have to pick a gift for that person. Schedule an exchange gift party. You can serve some appetizers and drinks before beginning your “exchange gift.”

One person will start it by telling something about the person who she’ll be giving the gift to. That recipient will then also describe the person who’s going to receive her gift and so on and so forth.

Potluck dinners

Instead of ordering from a fast food chain, why don’t the cheerleaders ask their moms to cook something for them? They can bring these dishes to a pre-arranged location and let everyone sample their moms’ cooking.

The better way to do this is to invite the parents, too, so that everyone can bond together over their love for their children and their children’s passion for cheerleading.

Food trucks and bazaars

Every holiday season, the city is brought alive by food bazaars, food trucks, weekend markets, and the like. These are great ways to spend time with each other.

Encourage the kids to check out some of these activities and bond together over food. Of course, they have to burn all the calories they’ll be getting from fries and milkshakes and pasta and burgers, but this is a good way for them to get to know each other and be truly friends.

Christmas carols

How about a little fundraiser, huh? Surely, there’s one cheerleader who can carry a tune while the other hymn? Invite friends and family to watch the cheerleaders perform only this time, they’ll be singing instead of dancing. The program can act as a mini-fundraising activity that can buy your team cheerleading gear, accessories, and uniforms.

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