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Get the Most Out of the Night Before a Jacksonville Cheerleading Competition

The first Jacksonville cheerleading competition for any cheerleader will always be one that they will remember. The combination of excitement and the fear for the next day will be something that is rarely replicated in any other event. Plenty of cheerleaders are very nervous the night before the big day, so you can usually see them pacing around their rooms, and barely eating.

This is normal behavior, and very common for first competition jitters. Fortunately, after enough cheer meets, those feeling of nervousness will go away. If this is your first competition, and it’s the night before, and you’re worried about how you’re going to fare at the competition, the best thing to recommend is to distract yourself.

Don’t worry too much about it, tomorrow will come eventually. Here are some tips to help you out that will distract you from worrying too much about the cheerleading competition, while helping you be more productive at the same time.


As much as possible, you should be getting enough sleep the night before a cheerleading competition. If you lack sleep, you’re not going to be able to perform at the top of your game during the actual competition.

So if you’re too worried about the next day, we recommend that you get some rest. If it’s difficult for your sleep because of the nerves, try some classic sleep techniques, like listening to relaxing music, or drinking a glass of warm milk.

Eat properly

One of the biggest indicators of pre-competition jitters is a significant loss in appetite. While it may seem difficult now, make sure that you’re still keeping to a healthy and nutritionally balanced meal, especially in the days leading up to the actual competition itself.

Lack of proper food and nutrition can leave you feeling sluggish and tired on the day of the competition. Worst case scenario, you may end up passing out because your body doesn’t have enough nutrients to keep going. Always eat healthy before, during, and after the competition.


If you’re feeling jittery, put that energy to good use and pack for the meet tomorrow. Some Jacksonville cheerleading athletes leave packing to the very last minute, and they end up forgetting something important during the day of the competition. Make sure that you have a checklist that you can refer to to guarantee that you haven’t left anything behind.

Plan for tomorrow

Another productive way to divert your nerves from the Jacksonville cheerleading competition the next day is by planning out your route for tomorrow, and making sure that everything is in place.

For example, how are you getting to the competition? How much time do you have to get there? What is the best time to leave home to make sure that you get there in time? All these have to be considered to make sure you don’t end up late.

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