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How To Be A Good Flyer In Cheerleading

Jacksonville cheerleading

Flyers in Jacksonville cheerleading are usually the most impressive out of the whole squad. They are expected to pump up the energy of the crowd with their high-flying stunts and landings. They do all these with a smile on their faces and without the hint of insecurity.

Aside from that, they also have to put their full trust on their teammates, the bases, that their knees won’t buckle and they’ll be able to bear their weight. All of these they do in front of hundreds of people whose adrenalines are all pumped up.

How do they make sure that they are successful in their flying stunts?

Have a fit and tight body

The last thing you want is for your bases and catchers to have a hard time catching you because you became heavy all of a sudden, or your body is unproportioned. Besides, a tight body gives a structured appearance to a stunt. Not that being a little on the heavy side is wrong, but it is always better to be fit when you’re a flyer for a Jacksonville cheerleading team.

Never look down

Ever been in a tall building and suddenly, you decided to look out of the window? Even if there’s a thick window protecting you from the possibility of a free fall, it still scares you right? No matter how fearless flyers look, they can still feel the fear of heights when they look down during a stunt. Try to focus on something slightly above eye level. It will keep your chin up and you will look more confident.

Hold your own weight

Make the stunt easy for yourself and the bases holding you by squeezing everything in and pushing yourself up. This will also help in keeping you balanced and safe from falling.

Have good motions

When you’re a flyer, there’s a very good chance the audience and the judges are all focused on you. Try to make your motions better by doing them with more “snap.” Don’t be lousy when doing the motions with your arms and legs. You’ll end up wasting your whole flying stunt.

Give a huge smile

There’s nothing coaches and judges hate more than an unsmiling cheerleader. Mistakes are fine. You may even fall once or twice during the course of a whole routine, but nothing makes the stunt uglier than a cheerleader who doesn’t know the value of a huge smile.

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