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What Makes A Good Role Model For A Cheerleader

Jacksonville cheerleading

Cheerleaders have to spend countless hours of the day in a gym to prove themselves over and over again to their coaches, their teammates, the school, and the whole community. They cannot go on vacations or hang out with their friends because they always have to be in Jacksonville cheerleading form.

But while they practice their skills every day, they also look up to certain people in their lives for inspiration. They look for people who are passionate about what they do, and they try to emulate their discipline and dedication. No matter who they are, they fill an important role in a child’s growth.

That being said, what are the attributes that a good cheerleading role model must have? What are the attitudes that they look for in someone that inspires them.


A true role model for a young cheerleader must be passionate. This is the most important attribute a person must have. You have to find something you are passionate about because that is where you will dedicate your time, energy, and effort. Your children should look up against a cheerleader who shows great passion for the game. They will be able to show this passion through their hardwork.

Clear set of values

You want your child to look up to someone who is standing up for a clear set of values. They must have integrity. They must be honest. They must be dedicated to the job. They must be goal-oriented. Remember, if you do not stand up for something, you will easily fall for everything. A good role model realizes that she must conduct herself well, whether in real life or in social media.

Serving the community

What good role model does not serve the community? Whether it’s reading books to kids or cleaning up the coastline or feeding the poor, a cheerleader must be socially aware enough to know she has to play a role in the community. They should give their time freely and use their gifts, talents, and skills to benefit other people. A good role model reaches out to their neighbors who are in need. They certainly take their civic duties seriously.

Ability to overcome obstacles

Members of the Jacksonville cheerleading should look up to people who have gone through suffering, pain, rejection, and failure, but still are able to rise above all of it. People who are able to persevere even through the toughest times are often stronger than most when it comes to accepting failures. In cheerleading, there will be a lot of failures and mistakes. You cannot get away from the sports unscathed. Having someone to look up to who are able to tackle the obstacles head-on will teach you a thing or two about faith and strength.

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