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The Guideline To Cheerleading Practice

Jacksonville cheerleading

So, you have gotten into the Jacksonville cheerleading squad you want. You are fresh-faced, and ready to embark in a new adventure. What can you expect during your first practice? How can you prepare for it? What are the things you need to do and bring?

Here is the guideline to how you can prep for your first-ever cheerleading practice:

Wear comfortable clothes

This is the time to invest in a new sports bra because cheerleading is a high-impact sports. You can hurt yourselves with all the stunts, jumps, tumblings, cheers you will be required to do. Buy clothing made of microfibers that will pull moisture away from your skin. You can develop severe rashes just because moisture stays on your skin for too long. You may also bring running shoes because in some squads, part of the conditioning is running miles around the track.

Don’t wear makeup

It may sound weird for those who are not used to not having makeup on. But remember, you will sweat a lot when you practice, so having no makeup on will actually be beneficial for you. As you sweat, your makeup will just create black smudges on your face. Not wearing makeup will actually prevent clogged pores and breakouts. If you are practicing outside, make sure to wear sunscreen, preferably SPF 15 or higher.

Tie your hair

If your hair is long, hold it back with a ponytail. If it is short, put a few clips to keep to loose strands away. Your hair can distract your fellow cheerleaders. Plus, the mixture of hair products and sweat can also lead to breakouts.

Keep hydrating

Drink lots of water before practice, so that it will prevent you from being dehydrated and looking flushed. It will also keep you stronger and soothe muscle/joint pain. Apply lip balm as well, so that your lips won’t crack.

Stop touching your face

It’s easy to get lost in the momentum and touch your face to keep the locks away. However, this can cause you to breakout as well because the bacteria from touching the floor and your teammates can easily spread on your skin.

Take a shower

Have a shower immediately after practicing. If not, the bacteria from sweat and dirt will seep into your skin. Make sure to jump in the shower and use a mild soap immediately after sweating it out because you may develop body odor if you don’t.

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