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The Difference Between Gymnastics And Cheerleading

Jacksonville cheerleading

Although Jacksonville cheerleading and gymnastics have a lot in common in terms of tumbling and jumps, they perform them in vastly different ways. Both are highly athletic and requires great physical strength from you. They combine moves that are awe-inspiring, and they are always finesse and graceful.

Still, there are many differences to these two sports. These differences make it clear that both can stand on its own.

Gymnastics apparatus

Gymnasts use four different apparatus to compete. They have to learn how to perform on each of this apparatus. They must learn how to do tumbling, jumping, and dance moves on the floor, as well as on the balance beam. They must also be able to perform over the vault and uneven parallel bars. The vault is where gymnasts do explosive skills off a spring board and over the vault. The uneven parallel bars will require gymnasts to swing and flip.

In order to be truly successful, gymnasts must learn to use and perform on all of these apparatus. While they can be an expert on one, it is highly unlikely that they will be olympians if they don’t know how to perfectly perform on all.

Cheerleading components

As for cheerleaders, they don’t have an apparatus to perform on. They do everything on a flat surface–athletic court, track and field, or competition mat. They also do their performances in front of a cheering crowd. While they perform the same stunts that gymnasts do, they have to execute all these along with their voices. The voice is part of the competition. It’s part of being a successful cheerleader.

Gymnasts mostly perform on their own while cheerleaders perform their stunts with their teammates because one has to be lifted to the air while the others have to be bases.


They also hold different roles for their teams. Gymnasts always play a primary role. The focus is on their performance and the stunts they are making during competitions. On the other hand, Jacksonville cheerleading can play a secondary role to teams they are cheering for. While the focus is on them during cheerleading competitions, they can also be merely on the sidelines when they are supporting for another team.

When cheering for a sports team, cheerleaders have to consider the timing of their stunts, so they won’t distract the athletes from the game. Gymnasts, however, have their audience focused on their performance because it is the main event.


Gymnastics is more of an individual sports while cheerleading cannot be done alone. Gymnasts usually perform their stunts on their own. And although cheerleaders sometimes let the spotlight shine on one of their teammates, it is still mostly a group performance.

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