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Health Benefits Of Cheerleading

Jacksonville cheerleading

If your children ever want to be a cheerleader, don’t for a moment stop them. As long as they understand the patience and sacrifices they have to make for the sports, then they will benefit greatly from it. The health benefits of Jacksonville cheerleading is easy to spot. The aerobic and cardio activities are great for the heart, the bones and the muscles. The training itself is beneficial not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

Here are the other health benefits of cheerleading:

Builds strong bones

Contrary to popular belief, jumping up and down (the way cheerleaders are doing it) improves bone density. While others see this as a way to hurt your knees and joints, this isn’t what a study in the Journal of Athletic Training found out. That same study said that only 6 percent of cheerleaders were injured in a one-year period. To reduce the risk of injuries, make sure you get some base strength for your joints, and incorporate stretching and flexibility in your regular exercise.

Boosts good mood

Happiness is a requirement in cheerleading. Have your ever seen a cheerleader who wasn’t smiling? To pump up and get the crowd going, the cheerleaders always have to have smiles on their faces and adrenaline in their veins. Though smile is the output of being happy, Dr. Michael Lewis of the University of Cardiff also said that smiling can make people happy. A study even found out that people who can’t frown because of Botox feel less sad because they can’t turn their lips down.

Gets better and longer workout

During football games, players have to be on the field for 48 minutes. Add to that the timeouts and halftime, and the game could very well reach the one-and-a-half-hour mark. While players can rest during timeouts and during halftimes, cheerleaders cannot. They have to get the crowd going while the game is playing and even while the players are resting. Cheerleaders can be the strongest athletes around, thanks to their training and performance that include core strength, stunting and tumbling.

Encourages leadership

Cheerleaders are both leaders and team players. Most members of a cheerleading team are active and engaged citizens of the community. While each and every one of them leads the crowd to rally behind their team, they are also followers of their teammates. They need to lead and to follow at the same time.

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