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Health Benefits Of Cheerleading

Jacksonville cheerleading, like many team sports, requires athleticism and dedication. It involves choreographed routines, tumblings, stunts, jumps and dance. The combination of all of these work out the muscles and build strength for your bodies, further solidifying your stamina for the cheerleading practices and competitions you will be joining.

Cheerleaders practice several hours a week. During competition season, they have to be at the gym and practice facility for most of the day. In collegiate squads, they also have strength training during practice. Proper conditioning and training for safety help prevent injuries during practice and actual performance.

Cardiovascular stamina

Tumbling, stunting and performance helps in building stamina for your heart. The constant running and jumping and tumbling during cheer practices prepare your bodies for the strain they have to go through once the competition arrives. Combined with the pressure and stress from the competing teams as well as the judges, your bodies will surely feel the heat of the moment.

Strength training

It doesn’t matter if you’re a base, a flyer, a dancer or a backspot, you need the strength to last throughout a two-hour practice and to finish a 15-minute routine during competitions. Without the proper strength, you wouldn’t be able to hold a base to lift and support the flyer or break a fall when that flyer slips. As for flyers, their bodies must be well balanced and controlled during their stunts. To perfect an air stunt, their bodies need the core strength to bend and flip the way it should be.


Jacksonville cheerleading is all about coordination. Have you ever seen a cheerdance team that was not properly coordinated? Noticed how sore they are to the eye? There is nothing more cringe-worthy than a cheerleading squad that cannot properly coordinate and time their movements. Each cheerleader should be able to hit his/her stunts and motions on the proper count. Through coordination, cheerleaders can learn how to control their bodies.


Cheerleaders are most well-known for their flexibility, their ability to control the movement of their bodies and bend it almost to un-human expectations. They do high kicks, jumps, splits and stunt sequences. Having flexible ligaments and muscles helps prevent injuries and strains that usually happen during tumbling, jumping and dancing. It is also important for cheerleaders to stretch well before and after practice, as well as during competitions. This will help ready the muscles for strenuous activity.

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