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Helping Jacksonville Cheerleading Athletes Handle Burnout

Burnout in athletes, not just in Jacksonville cheerleading, but in all types of sports, is unfortunately a very common thing. It can be caused by a number of factors, ranging from difficulty in balancing sports and academics, to being pressured by their peers and parents to push themselves harder.

Burnout is defined as emotional and physical exhaustion. Burnout in teenagers and children can be a dangerous thing for them. This is because of the fact that not only does burnout cause emotional distress, constant exposure to this can result in serious health issues in the future.

Burnout should be identified and handled properly. In cheerleading, burnout is not seen as a fault on either the coach or the athletes themselves, it is simply a result of monotonous activity, as well as any external pressures that they may be facing. Fortunately, it is possible to counter burnout for cheerleaders.

Changing things up

One of the causes of cheerleading burnout is the monotony of practice. It seems like it’s much more fun at the beginning, when the routine and drills are still new and exciting, but after mastering everything, it might feel tedious running the same drills and practice routines day after day.

To help fight that monotony, try having the team try a different routine one day, or changing up the drills once in awhile. It helps to include team bonding exercise nearing the end of practice to help the squad support one another.

Open communication can really help

Burnout can feel very frustrating for the person who is experiencing it, to the point where they may feel closed off because it’s difficult for them to express how they feel. Communication is a very important way to help deal with this.

Giving cheerleaders the ability to open up more freely about how they’re feeling to their peers, coach, parents, or teachers can make them feel better and help them understand that what they’re feeling isn’t something that they have to deal with on their own.

Allow the athletes unleash their creativity

Another way to break up the monotony is by trying something creative once in awhile during practice. You can hold a little contest among the cheerleaders to promote a little competitiveness and bring out their creative side. It can be a contest for the best cheerleading uniform theme, or the most creative dance routine. Make it a regular thing, so that the Jacksonville cheerleading athletes have something to look forward to, which should help significantly in reducing burnout.

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