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How Can Jacksonville Cheerleading Coaches Resolve Conflicts?

Working with people and cooperating as a team is a skill that not everyone has. Sometimes, there are just really people that we cannot deal with and talk with harmoniously. This is especially more difficult if you are a Jacksonville cheerleading coach who has to manage a group of teenagers. Do you remember when you are a teenager? All those hormones, drama, and emotions? The pressure is even more real when conflicts arise within the team.

Here is how you can deal with the drama of being their coach:

Take charge

You know when a conflict will arise. You’ll feel it among the cheerleaders—how they interact with each other, how certain members don’t talk with each other, how they are now grouped accordingly, etc. Even before a conflict arises, take charge and let them know you won’t tolerate bad behavior from anyone. Hold all your cheerleaders accountable if they cannot solve their conflicts among themselves.

Don’t let it get out of control

A conflict usually arises between two people who had a misunderstanding. If you let it get out of control, more people will eventually get involved. They will take sides and sooner or later, you will see your team divided into groups. A team that has a misunderstanding will be unhappy and would not be able to work harmoniously. When the situation first arises, talk to the two concerned cheerleaders and tell them to straighten out their issues. Talk it out with them and make sure that it will never happen again.

Let the team captain solve it

Enlist the help of your team captain. Sometimes, your cheerleaders will not feel comfortable talking to you about the issue. They want someone their age. Talk to your team captain and make sure she knows that she cannot take sides in the issue. Let her help her teammates solve the conflict and find a solution to their issues.

Encourage team building

When you feel that a conflict is about to rise up, set aside team practice for teambuilding activities. There are lots of activities in the internet that you can do to boost the cooperation of the team. Let the cheerleaders have fun together through these activities. These will allow them to bond and work better with each other. Don’t just do fundraising activities when there are conflicts. This must be a regular thing, so that your cheerleaders will know how to work through an issue together.

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