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How Jacksonville Cheerleading Coaches Can Help The Team Bounce Back After An Injury

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Your Jacksonville cheerleading team is looking forward to the competition ahead. The girls have practiced all-month long to prepare for the routines and the stunts. Then suddenly, an accident happened and one girl fell off during a stunt. She sprained her ankle and won’t be able to join the team in the competition.

Because of this, the other girls may lose their rhythm, especially if the injured girl has a specific purpose in the routine. This is where you, as a coach, should get into the picture and hold the reins of the team. Don’t allow your cheerleaders to get depressed because of what happened. Be their strength during these trying times.

Move forward

When an injury befalls a cheerleading team, it’s always hard for the girls to move on from it. Most of the time, their routine will get affected because suddenly, they have to deal with the loss of one cheerleader in the team. This is when you should deal with the team’s emotions. The team may sulk at one point and feel depressed that they have to adjust this close to the competition. As a coach, you have to watch out for the signs that the members want to give up.

No one’s fault

Cheerleaders will often blame each other when they lose or when an accident happens. Once they start throwing the blame, this can lead to the disintegration of teamwork and cooperation among the members. They will never be able to grow from the experience. That will not only affect the cheerleading team, but them as individuals, too. They have to realize that it’s no one’s fault because no one wants anything bad to happen to any team member. Once they have reflected on what went wrong and how they can improve from thereon, it will be easier for them to move on.

Make changes

In order to fully recuperate from a loss or an injury, you have to get back to work. This time, you have already identified what went wrong and you can deal with the mistakes and get back on the right track. Make changes as you see fit. Don’t waste time trying to perfect a routine or a stunt when you are clearly lacking with the right people for the job. Adjust the stunts according to the skills of the remaining active and healthy cheerleaders in the team. They need this to build their confidence back.

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