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How Jacksonville Cheerleading Coaches Maintain Team Positivity

Being a Jacksonville cheerleading coach is never an easy task. There are so many responsibilities and duties that a cheer coach has to stay on top of. A cheerleading coach not only has to train and coach the team on their cheer routines, but they are also the ones who have to look out for the cheerleaders during meets, help mediate between any conflict that may arise between cheerleaders, and be there as emotional support for the cheerleaders as well.

In addition to these responsibilities, coaches also have to field any parents who come up to them and demand why their child didn’t make the cheer squad or why they weren’t given the position that their child really wanted. They also have to handle the financial responsibility of managing the cheer squad finances, hoping that the school’s budget can cover everything that they’ll need for the season, as well as help organize fundraisers if the budget is lacking. It is difficult, being a cheer coach, and sometimes it can be a thankless job.

However, nothing makes a cheer coach happier than seeing their cheerleaders up there, cheering their lungs out, and having the time of their lives. One of the biggest responsibilities that a cheer coach has to handle is making sure that the cheerleaders keep up their spirits and morale to help prevent burnout. Here are some ways that cheer coaches maintain team positivity.


Communication should always be the number one priority for any team. Promoting open communication guarantees that nobody holds any secret resentments against each other, and promotes the mentality that nobody will be judged for how they feel. Pushing emotions down can create tension and conflict between athletes, so a good coach helps keep a positive attitude throughout the entire team by encouraging a more open communication between team members.

Motivates the team

While it may be difficult to keep their spirits up while the cheer meet looks bleak, a cheerleader’s best cheerleader will always be their cheer coach. Even when the team is feeling down, a coach will always be there to motivate them to get back on their feet.

Makes sure that the team enjoys themselves

Overall, a good Jacksonville cheerleading coach knows how to remind their team to have fun with cheerleading. Cheerleading is a team sport, and a coach encourages their team to have as much fun as they can while they’re performing out there. A good coach can switch things up during practice, or take a fun day for the team to go out, and this helps with team bonding, as well as boosts team morale.

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