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How Social Media Can Help Jacksonville Cheerleading

If like many others, you’re quite “addicted” to social media, you should know by now that it has become the most powerful marketing tool in any industry, and that includes Jacksonville cheerleading.

While cheerleaders use social media individually to showcase their many skills and invite friends to watch the squad compete, there are more benefits to using social media for a cheerleading team than merely posting updates and receiving glowing comments from friends and families.

Bring the squad closer to the community

A cheerleading team needs to belong to a community. There needs to be a sense of belongingness that will emanate from a good relationship with community leaders and members. Cheerleaders need the support of a community, whether it’s through financial means or through moral support.

It is the community that cheers the cheerleaders on during competitions. The community looks for cheerleaders when their local sports teams are competing. They know these girls won’t let them down when it comes to cheering on the crowd even if their team isn’t exactly winning.

But to bridge the gap between a community and a squad, the community members need to be updated with what’s happening with the cheerleaders. Through a simple Facebook page, this can be done and the relationship will continue to prosper.

Invite sponsors during fundraising events

Cheerleaders use social media to post about fundraising events. They can invite their target audience on social media, too.

They may even post a short video explaining why the event is important to the squad and how it can help the whole team. Fundraising events are not only for the squad—for their new gear and uniforms. Sometimes, a Jacksonville cheerleading team also helps raise funds for charities and for other people who need aid.

They can lend their voice and even their influence for important causes that are close to their hearts. They can use their social media account to provide details about their events.

Showcase skills for scholarship opportunities

Some colleges and universities offer scholarships for cheerleaders, the really good ones. Since this is a highly competitive sport, colleges and universities want only the best. And where else can they find the best cheerleaders but on social media?

As depressing as that may sound, a video of your squad’s cheer can easily become viral if it has the components that can make it one. Through social media, scholarship opportunities can open and the futures of many Jacksonville cheerleading athletes can look brighter.

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